Favourite Mecha Series?


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Feb 1, 2008
Which is your fav mecha series and why?.

Gundam 00: The characters are more beliveable and you find out more about them as you follow the story (their history). The gundams designs are great! more fluid in battle rather than Seed/Destiny where it was more IMO clunky & somewhat rushed (regardless of the gap between the series) but still watchable (Seed/Destiny).
Out of the Gundam series, I've only seen Wing, and whilst I liked it I wouldn't call it my favourite. That honour would go to Martian Successor Nadesico.:) I loved the blend of comedy and drama, and the nod towards anime fans with the Gekiganger show-within-a-show thing. I loved seeing all of the little nods towards other SF films and series, too.
I tried watching 'Gundam 00' but found it very mild compared to the previous 'Seed' and 'Destiny' and lacking FAR behind '08th MS Team'. I haven't watched the whole series, but from the first 10 or so episodes it got on my nerves with repeating the organization's name every 10 seconds of ever minute of the episode. Gave it up as being as low as 'Gundam Wing', a serious step down from 'Destiny'.

Anyways, my favorite mecha show, 'Nadesico' and 'VanDread' not withstanding since I count them as more comedy rather than mecha, would have to be....well, a draw between 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' and 'Argento Soma'. Even if the second is at times a clone of the first, it's still an insanely enjoyable series. But otherwise, I loved thedrama of it all in both of these.
if you want pretty serious SF theme where mecha technology make impact in life/society in the sory's universe, I vote for Patlabor as one of the best. the comic/manga was written in 1980s, so you can judge yourself how many of author's guesses about year 2000 that correct (I remember there is one scene in manga where the character said that it is common for a game computer required 1GB hard disk space)

I also like Eureka 7, the mecha surfing scenes are great.
Gundam 00 hands down. The story line is fantastic, the characters are likable and very believable. I have watched the series probably 2-3 times ever year the last 3-4 years. The movie that just came out was a little disheartening. Actually, I almost hated it. The movie didn't fit in well with the flow of the two seasons.
My favorite mecha series had to be either Gundam 0080 or Gundam 08th MS Team. The stories centered a bit more on the characters and were a little better developed than the other series. And you saw a more tactical side to operations (as tactical as anime creators can make things...).

Gundam Wing was alright at the beginning of the series. I especially liked the simplicity of the Leo suits.

Votoms, and the spin off, Armor Hunter Mellowlink, are both really cool, too. I like the size of the Votoms, and the sorta WWII-style half tracks that have been upgraded with cannons :)

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