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May 4, 2005
I may live in Yorkshire but I'm a Scot
I've recently finished Patricia Keneally's first three books in the Keltiad series. Not very well written or unique but I found them strangely complying. I struggled with the first book thinking interesting but not very good, I should put it down and forget it but something kept me reading. As I got more into the books, the Kelts were telling the earthlings the Aurthian legend I felt like screaming why aren't they saying that Arthur is an earth legend but it didn't happen.I found that I was frustrated with the series to a certain extend but overall I enjoyed it. I know it sounds like a contradiction but although I found a lot to complain about the books were enjoyable and left me wanting more...has anyone else felt like this?
Yeah, I keep thinking I'm never going to read a Doc Smith book again, then after a year or two (or several) I usually do.
It's the same with me and Dean Koontz, as much as I say I think his newer novels are junk I read them anyway and still like them even though he has changed a lot. He just appeals to me as it was his books I started reading when I got into reading in school.
Yeah, I keep thinking I'm never going to read a Doc Smith book again, then after a year or two (or several) I usually do.

Same here - I start with the Lensman saga, then top off with the Skylarks, then the standalones...:eek:

I also do it with the Julian May books - all the way from The Many-Coloured Land to Magnificat, then the Rampart Worlds, then finish with Boreal Moon...I've read them so often, you'd think I couldn't find anything surprising in them, but there always seems to be something new...:p
I don't know biodroid...define new. I like some of the books he's written in say...the last 10 years greatly (Light of thr Moon, One Door Away from Heaven, The Taking, for example) are some of my favorites of his works. On the other hand Your Heart Belongs to Me I found abysmal.

To add my own surprising read I picked up a paper back of Monster Hunter International and from the title I figured, you know, brain candy, probably be fun and maybe not to bad. To my surprise I loved it... I plan to snatch up anything else Larry Correia writes.

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