Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)


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Feb 1, 2005
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Well there doesn't appear to be a thread on this film yet so I thought I'd start one! :)

As Mark has pointed out in an older thread about the book series, this story revolves around a kid called Percy Jackson, an average boy going through the normal teenage traumas of high school life in America, until he accidentally vapourises his maths teacher on a school trip to a museum.
In fairness she was a Fury and was trying to kill him...

He subsequently finds out that his absent father is absent for a fairly good reason - he's a Greek God. Which kinda makes Percy (full name Perseus :) ) a demigod, with all the powers that brings. And, as we know from Spider-man, with great power comes great responsibility. Which in this case means finding out who has stolen Zeus' Lightning Bolt and preventing the ensuing war between the Gods which will result if it's not found.

So with the help of his two young chums and fellow students/demigods/mystical creatures Annabeth and Grover *Hermione & Ron cough cough* he sets off to recover it before all Hades kicks off...

This film is actually in post-production and is due to hit the screen in February 2010. It's book 1 of a current 5 book series so the 'Harry Potter' potential is huge. And it's also following the HP formula of talented but relatively unknown child actors backed up by seasoned veterans to add gravitas. Here's a list of some of the main characters/actors below for your perusal.

Percy Jackson - Logan Lerman
Annabeth Chase - Alexandra Daddario
Grover Underwood - Brandon T. Jackson (character name sounds like a Hobbit)

Zeus - Sean Bean
Poseidon - Kevin McKidd
Hades - Steve Coogan
Persephone - Rosario Dawson
Mr. Brunner/Chiron - Pierce Brosnan
Ares - Ray Winstone
Medusa - Uma Thurman

So thoughts? Is this film on anyone's radar? Happy that it's being made or horrified that at the thought of "Sharpe" playing Zeus?

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