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Apr 11, 2005
I'm relatively new to reading Gemmells works, I've been reading them for about 6 months.
Legend was the first Gemmell book I read and I was blown away. A friend had been recommending it to me but I was right in the middle of reading some Drizzt stuff(Wash, Rinse, Repeat)and waited several weeks after borrowing it to read it.
What a book, what characters.
Druss is the embodiment of everything good and just, he is by far one of my favorite characters and I love reading anything that has him in it.
Waylander was also a great character. I loved the part in..I think the 3rd Waylander book, but he walks out of the forest to where a arena assasin is waiting for him. The assasin says.."Arena Rules"?..Waylander simply says "No" and kicks his butt, that was awesome.

Drizzt VS. Decado or Skilgannon would equal Dark Elf chunks everywhere.

I think the thing about Gemmell's writing that I love the best is that I am truly attached to all the characters he writes about. They all have their own history and their own wants and needs.

I just finished Swords of Night and Day. I could hardly put it down once I started it. Like I've seen some others say here, the Gemmell formula came out, overwhelming bad guys, small band of determined good guys, a heart felt speech that stirs the blood, and the rest is history.

Anyway looking forward to reading more Gemmell :)

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