Named greatest sci fi film of all time

Full original list here.

Not a bad list but T2, THX, and Serenity are way too low. 2010 and (if you like the big-budget funny) MIB and (if you like the smaller budget funny) Buckaroo Banzai are missing altogether. Insofar as Frankenstein could be an SF flick, it's missing. More, of course. And ET is way too high. :p

As far as Blade Runner being #1, I love it, but I don't want to say it's the very best, but I can't marshal an especially compelling argument against it. I'd still want to put one of the Space Odyssey/Aliens/Terminator duos or Star Wars up there.

Edit: Just realized the Telegraph article says the results are based on "a poll" which makes it sound like an open popular vote, but the original article says it was the result of "heated debate/scuffles between the frazzled writers of Total Sci-Fi", implying a more closed/juried sort of thing.
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Hmm. Well, no great surprises on there, I guess. There are a couple I'd have liked to see which aren't on there - Strange Days and The City of Lost Children in particular. There are also a few that are on the list that I don't like - Jurassic Park, Sleeper, Event Horizon, Independence Day and the frankly execrable Star Trek, to name 5 - but with the exception of the last I can at least see why they're on there. I'm happy enough with Blade Runner coming out on top, too: I love the film, though there are others I love just as much.

These things are, as always, hopelessly subjective.:D;)
These things are, as always, hopelessly subjective.:D;)

Definitely - ask 100 fans and you'd get 100 different top threes, let alone ranking a top hundred, but this list looks to me just a little artificial - as if people have gone for what they think gives them credibility, if that makes sense...

Galaxy Quest at 95? Tanj!...
Sadly, the crap ones out number the good, but Bladerunner's got to be up there on any list I'd say...

But is is really sci. Fi.

When you examine it it's really just a revamped 'who done it' (well who is it really) with a bit of glossy backdrops and a seriously depressing feel.

"Soylent Green" on the other hand was original had a good twist and left us all feeling the world was in fact going to hell in a dust cart.

And no I don't think "S G" was the greatest it was just an example of something a bit better.
Mm. List seems to be missing the following from the top ten:

To The Stars The Hard Way (USSR)
Seven Elements (USSR)
Hukkunud Alpinisti Hotell (USSR)
Konnech Vechnosti (The End of Eternity) (USSR)
Letter From A Dead Man (USSR)
Posrednik (The Mediator) (USSR)
Nine Days In One Year (USSR)
Test Pilot Pirxa (Poland)

And they say the Cold War is over. :rolleyes:
Based on a novel of the future by Philip K Dick.. I'd say it's Sci-Fi

The important word there is "based" on.

If you examine the content and plot of the film it could be any Humphrey Bogart plot in fact IMO not disimilar to "The Big Sleep"

The film "Barbed Wire" could be said to be Sci Fi (not I) but really it's just a pathetic imitation of Casablanca.
I am always amazed by the critics calling something a "flop" when I thoroughly enjoyed it (and vice versa).

But then I could watch almost anything with H Ford in it anyway.
War of the Worlds, the 1953 version, should be on it.

But at least the 1951 The Day the Earth Stood Still got a high ranking.
Only thing special to me about Bladerunner is Harrison Ford carriying another unspecial film. A legendary actor who I wish was 40 years young again ;)

Alien and Aliens specially are so much better.

Bladerunner is just famous for being early of its kind of SF as film. Its not Star Wars,Star Trek type...
There's quite an interesting article in this months Sci-Fi now about Blade Runner.
Anybody notice 45? I quite liked Eternal Sunshine, but this list just has no credibility for me now.

45) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)