Best FREE Screenwriting Program

Robert M. Blevins

Adventure Books
Dec 16, 2004
When I'm not editing or writing, I enjoy fishing,
After trying all the free screenwriting software out there, the one that is easiest to use, has all the features you need, and is FREE... CELTX.

That's an opinion only. However, using Celtx comes with no strings, no spamming emails unless you check the special box, (and most of you are smart enough to not do that) and their main website has good support.

I've already created three film scripts using Celtx with no problems. My agent subbed a couple of them out and these scripts fully met current industry screenwriting standards. Also available at the Celtx site are some documents that assist you in knowing what to do - and what to avoid - when running up a screenplay.
Didn't quite like it. Its very comprehensive and all.. but you have to buy the plugins. Most people won't need this, it's 40 meg. Just an opinion.
I'd agree with CeltX.
It's cross-platform too which helps me enormously.
It's also the closest thing I've found to the now-defunct-under-suspicious-circumstances Sophocles (which I was hooked on even though it wasn't free).
Will check it out and let you all know how it goes. SOunds good though.
A friend of mine is thinking of writing a screenplay, but wasn't sure about formatting and so on. He's researching that now. This software will probably be useful to him. Thanks for the tip!


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