Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson (Spoilers!)


Immortalis Canis Lupus
Nov 9, 2007
As per my usual bad habit of making threads about series I just finish, here I am. I don't know about anyone else, but when I finish a series half my mind is still usually on it for a little while making it hard to start the next book or series.

The Mistborn trilogy was a great series. There's some twists I didn't expect. Like Kelsier dying. The ending twist was good too for the most part. I didn't expect Vin and Elend to die and Sazed to be the real Hero of Ages. I am glad that Sazed mentions in his note to Spook that Vin and Elend are happy where they are right now. I liked that he said he thought they deserved a rest for now. I hope that means if Sanderson ever writes a sequel book that Sazed can somehow bring Vin and Elend back. Though he even said that he could only repair the bodies and not put the souls back. So not sure how that would work. He also mentioned that Kelsier asked Sazed to heal Spook. So at least we know Kelsier is wherever Vin and Elend are also.

So it was a good ending, even if I do kind of dislike Vin and Elend being gone. The thing I also wondered that Sazed didn't mention was about the three races the Lord Ruler created. Did Sazed wipe them out, or fix them? I know the Inquisidor's were wiped out by Vin except for Marsh. Did he remove the Koloss or could he return them to normal humans? Did he put back the spikes in the mistwraiths? Or did he remove them or turn them back into humans?

Before I read the Mistborn trilogy I read Warbreaker, which was also a good book. Now I just need to read Elantris at some point and I'll have read all of Sanderson's books. What did you think of the Mistborn trilogy though?

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