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Jul 20, 2009
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Has anyone read either of his book series, the Thursday Next or Nursery Crime books? Both very entertaining and very funny in my opinion. They're not science fiction, suppose they could fit into fantasy as while they are both set in England, they are both sort of in a parallel universe. The Thursday Next series being set in a world with a fairly different history and the Nursery Crime series (well, there are only two books at the moment but a third is on the way) is a world exactly the same as the one we live in...except for all he nursery rhyme characters running around Reading!

If you've never heard of them before and fancy trying them, my recommendation is to start with the Nursery Crime series (first book is The Big Over Easy). I think it's a bit easier to read and it's pretty much a stand alone book, the second one kind of leads on from it. The Thursday Next series have to be read together and they are also written in the first person (which threw me at first but that's just me, I think).

Any way, don't know why I decided to mention that but there it is!