Searching for a collection of short stories... any help appreciated


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Jul 20, 2009
I'm looking for a book I read 10 or 15 years ago. There were several short stories that stood out for me:

-Firstly, a story where a man (who's family is dead) purchases a machine which forms any type of metal object that is keyed into it. The man wants to return the machine for some reason so figures he'll get it to make something impossible. He keys in a 'devil's pitchfork', which to his surprise it creates. He looks into the impossible space and see's his dead family. The story ends with him keying in a larger version so he can crawl through the space.

-The next one I recall is about a man who lives in a massive rubbish dump. There is no vegetation or life. He spends his time searching for soil to sustain a seed which he found. I think the story ends with the seed growing into a poisonous orange which he eats.

-I was pretty certain the collection included the story 'It's such a beautiful day' (Asimov) but i cannot find a collection which includes this and the other stories i remember. May be mixing things up a bit.

Any help appreciated.
eon31337, if Asimov's "It's Such a Beautiful Day" was in the collection, this link might help: Bibliography: It's Such a Beautiful Day

If memory's playing you false and it wasn't, the link will be no help whatsoever.

Good luck in any case, and welcome to the Chrons! :)
Thanks Ian,

It could possibly be one of those collections, although it is hard to find plot summaries for the stories in the books so I'm not able to identify one for certain. I suspect it could be 'Beyond Belief' but this book may be a little too old.

I'll keep looking and update you if I do finally come across it.