Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson


Immortalis Canis Lupus
Nov 9, 2007
With all the attention he is getting lately I thought I'd finally read one of his books. Though I had planned on doing this before the next Wheel of Time book came out. Since Warbreaker just came out and it sounded pretty interesting I decided I'd check that out. I very much enjoyed it.

The characters were interesting and likable. There was some twists I hadn't guessed at as well. I thought the unique magic system was a very nice change from the ordinary. I definitly recommend this to others. I just hope he writes a sequel or turns this into a series. I really wish I had another book of it to read.

I guess the only thing I can do is go onto the first book in his Mistborn trilogy and hope it's of the same quality.
I have read his 4 previously published books and loved them all. I am starting Warbreaker today. Sanderson seems very at ease telling a story and I can't say enough of how great his style is. I am sure that I will enjoy the new book.

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