Anyone Still Into Alias?


anticipating destiny
Feb 4, 2006
New York
I just finished watching the 1st season, I borrowed it from my friend. I think its a great show! Very interesting so far. The season ended with a cliffhanger though!
Cliffhangers are almost a trademark for this series, best get used to it :)

I've been watching this, my first run through, on DVD and I just finished the first five episodes of the final season. I think it's good, though through most of the series I wondered why nobody sent Sydney back to martial arts class. For a highly trained hand to hand kickboxing fighter, she gets her butt kicked a lot.
I am still into Alias. Im (rewatching) halfway through the second season and if not because of work, I would be at the final season now.
Nice bringing this old post back to life. I love ALIAS!

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