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Apr 6, 2007
Phoenix. Or is this Tatooine?
I've watched it several times now with different people and everyone has liked it. I found it very engrossing and like the actors and their performances, especially the actor playing Joseph Adama. I have a feeling I'm going to get sucked into this show. Great writing. Any thoughts?
I totally forgot about this!!??!! Was it on over the weekend?
It came out direct to DVD last Tuesday. In the U.S., anyway. They did not put it out on The Sci-Fi channel because.... well, you'll just have to see, it to understand;) For those who have seen it, the little robot/butler/protector for the Graystones' house, did you catch his name? It was Surge, I think. Surge protector? Clever. I could swear the Ministry of Defense had Dr. Elden Tyrel's octagonal glasses on, from Blade Runner fame. The show will be coming out in 2010. January, hopefully, on Sci-Fi channel. And if that is the case, yes, the pilot will be re-edited for T.V. viewing.
I have to get this when it comes out in the UK. There can never be enough good Sci-Fi on the screen.
And if that is the case, yes, the pilot will be re-edited for T.V. viewing.

yep. If you want to see this how RDM wants then you'll need to see the DVD. When it comes out on TV there will be quite a few...... 'scenes' missing.

And the entire first two minutes lol
I watched Caprica on my computer last night and it was good and it is also great to find out where the cylons actually came from.
If the series comes to Britain, Sky One will get and show it first because they have the money to bid for it before the companies ie: Virgin One or BBC etc, have the chance to show it.
The pilot episode was shown in America on the 21 Apr 2009 according to the website
From what I've read, it was cancelled after the first season.

Shame really - but then again, needs asking - when you've told a great story, why then try and then a prequel?
Caprica was the biggest let down ever. The first episodes were unbelievably perfect and then it just lost its grounds, so I was not surprised they cancelled it and I'm sad to say, I wasn't sorry...
That's interesting. The show itself, and not really counting the premiere movie, had a really slow start but got much better as time and episodes went on. For me anyway. The last episode just rocked but maybe it is because they knew it would wrap up the short lived series.
I rather enjoyed it save the slow parts. I'm sure it would have grown to something spectacular.
I just wanted to say I thought it was phenomenal.

I think this team really knew how to deal with Sci-Fi in a fresh and exciting way. Someone - I think it was Ben Browder (paraphrasing) - said 'Farscape's biggest secret is that it is a comedy disguised as Sci-Fi'. I think this can be applied to BSG and Caprica in terms of it being drama disguised as Sci-Fi.

The Plan, however, was not really necessary :rolleyes:

I'm just hoping high hopes for Blood and Chrome. The Youtube 'trailer' looks phenomenal and should satisfy the "oh where are the spaceships, we're sick of politics" brigade.

I liked Caprica a lot, but it is very different from BSG, so I can see why some BSG fans might not like it. It's a shame it was cancelled.
I liked Caprica a lot, but it is very different from BSG, so I can see why some BSG fans might not like it. It's a shame it was cancelled.

It was dull and un-engaging It just didn't go anywhere.
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I haven't yet watched it but I might pick up the box set from Amazon. There's a lot of conflicting opinions on this show.
@Rodders - No spoilers below :D

is set to become one of those cult shows but it occupied a really awkward un-nicheable place; BSG fans were expecting high action sci-fi even though the producers had said it would have more in common with a soap than the 2004 BSG franchise.

What we got was an intelligent, elegiac triumph that although having a saggy first-season middle brought something credible and new to the BSG universe. I love it for its melancholy realism and stand out performances from nearly the entire cast. Eric Stoltz and Paula Malcomson are addictively compelling in their sad attempts at coming to terms with 'things'. Polly Walker certainly occupies the Gaius Baltar mould here and is another compelling character, with amazingly charismatic performances by many other BSG vets such as the wonderful John Pyper-Ferguson and Sacha Roiz (from Grimm).

Allow the slow boiling plot and hypnotic score by Bear McCreary to carry you along into the worlds of the colonies - and prepare yourself for season 2's awe-inspiring-but-frustrating 5 minute montage ending, promising The Shape Of Things To Come - but never did. There's a great interview with Jane Espenson somewhere online (I can send you the link later when you've watched the series) which I can't explain here as it has spoilers which highlights what a great story this mature show would have evolved into.

Again, prepare to consider philosophical questions, but in a different way than BSG. And don't be fooled by the pilot episode into thinking this is some kind of teen-show. It is dark and miserable.

And outstanding.

Thanks Phyrebrat. Firstl, what does elegiac mean (i've never heard of it). :)

I definitely want to see it and i will pick a copy up but i'll probably wait until next month. (I also need to pick up a copy of The Plan)
They should have skipped this show entirely and done Blood and Chrome first.

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