Where's the Greg Bear sub-forums???

Bear continues to be one of my favorite authors. Personally, I thought Slant was terrific. I've re-read it twice.

Anvil of Stars and Forge of God are essentially one long novel; reading one without the other is....
Bear is not afraid to address the "big questions", and to extrapolate cutting-edge technology.
Queen of Angels is terrific in this regard.

I've liked his current stuff, although it does veer into tech/thriller territory. Quantico, for instance. Still excellent.
I read somewhere that one of the Hollywood studios had the Forge of God as an option as a film and the a draft script was being written. I also heard that there was a possibility of a follow up to Anvil of Stars.

I think it was on the Wikipedia and i'm led to beleive that this this can be inaccurate at best. Can anyone verify this or does anyone else have any news?
Blood Music (story: 1983; novel: 1985), Queen of Angels (1990) and Moving Mars (1993) are my favorite Greg Bear novels, with QoA probably standing first, though it may not be the most accessible. I also had a collection or two of his which I replaced with The Collected Stories. Things like "Hardfought" (1982) may be better than any of his novels, or are at least in the same class.

His works cover a wide range, though the bulk of it and best of it is of the harder SF variety. Not all of that works for me, even when it's from the peak period, and he does seem to have lost a step after MM and had quite an apprentice period before the early 80s accomplishments, but his best is excellent.
His output is quite diverse! Have you read an early one called Hegira? One of the first I read along with Strength of Stones then Beyond Heaven's River then Blood Music.
He seems to not want to sit in one distinct genre!
I have read most of his output. I'm not really a fan of the earlier stuff; the stuff written before Eon is really, really hard to read, I think.
It's not necessary, no. I read Anvil of Star before reading the Forge of God.

If you can though, try and get FoG. It's well worth it IMO.

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