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Nov 22, 2003
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As I believe I mentioned on here before, Macmillan have decided to produce new covers for the first four of my books. I guess they thought it about time what with, for example, Gridlinked now in its twelfth print run. Here is one of them. Please let me know what you think!

All the new covers are strong, they certainly caught my attention and so I've now read Gridlinked (an xclnt read) and am currently working on Brass Man!
It looks like one of my deranged uncles. Certainly one to scare the kids. Good, but possibly too monstrous.
Thanks Neal! When will these covers be available for purchase as I am holding back coz I want my collection to have this style.
The Skinner, The Voyage of the Sable Keech and Orbus - the Spatterjay series - can now be bought as audio books. They can be found here at Audible.

You can also listen to samples of them there. The reader is William Gaminara, who most of you will know as Professor Leo Dalton on Silent Witness.
I have to say, the feedback I've had from customers on the new covers is amazing. We (Waterstone's Stockport) still have some of the old ones (Hilldiggers, Polity Agent, off the top of my head) in stock, and the new ones are receiving much more attention.

Of course, it may help that I'm in charge of the section, and Neal is one of the authors I push on customers like a crazed drug-hound, but that's another matter entirely.
This one's next on my TBR pile. My first Asher. :)
I'm not sure that's the best Asher book to start with Rodders, chronologically speaking it is somewhere right in the middle of the whole set of Polity books. That said, it is the first of the Spatterjay books which are, I think, fairly distinct from the other Polity books so it may not matter too much.
Yeah, I think you can either start with Gridlinked or The Skinner. Both start their respective story-arcs :)
There is some cross-over with the Prador, but I started on The Skinner, and it's probably still my favourite, I wouldn't reckon there's much problem there.
Thanks for fighting my cause, Rane! It's interesting to see how many people are now 'discovering' me even though I've knocked out 12+ books since 2000.

Vertigo re Rodders - just so long as you don't start in the middle of a series, and just so long as you don't judge all my books by my first with a major publisher (Gridlinked, since I've written over a million published words since it).
Neal, i've been looking forward to reading your stuff for a long time.
Guy came into the shop on the weekend and bought The Technician, Gridlinked and Voyage of the Sable Keetch because last time he'd been in I persuaded him to buy The Skinner and he said it was the best book he'd ever read. So not bad, as praise goes ;)
I should be starting this tomorrow and i'm quite looking forward to it.
Well, it took some time (short journeys to work), but i've finally finished it. WOW, as my first taste of the Neal Asher i've been blown away and will be out to look for the rest of the Spatterjay series today. Very interested in learning more about the Polity, the Prador, Sniper, Janer and Sable Keech. I'm also fascinated by Jay Hoop's story.

Right, i'm off to Waterstones. :)
Yep. Just starting the Voyage of Sable Keech now. :)

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