What do I read first?

Alpha Moth

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Feb 27, 2009

first post. I read soldier sons trilogy a few years ago on a family holiday, when I was 15 or 16 years old which was totally boring so I spent my whole time reading the first book. I was totally drawn into the book, but I still haven't got around to reading the next one, which I heard it a bit slow...?

Anyway, after that I read lower in quality books like harry potter and eragon, thought they were good at the time, but then I just read a song of ice and fire, now i can never look at eragon or harry potter again. Now I'm waiting for the next book, so I want to start something else. Does Hobb's farseer trilogy come close to quality of ASOIAF? I understand there are many series connecting to one another, what the hell do I read first, and then what? Can someone give me a general idea of what the book is about? Will I be disappointed after read I asoiaf?

And sorry if there is mistakes in my writing, I haven't spoke English for awhile.


Jul 24, 2008
Hello Alpha Moth, welcome.

I am a huge Robin Hobb fan and I think that her work is comparable to Martin's in quality(although content is far from similar). You have to read the Farseer trilogy first and then decide if you want to move on to the Tawny Man series or read the liveship traders series. Chronologically, Liveship is in between the series' but it takes you to a different story with different characters. Personally, I read the farseer, then the Tawny man, then soldier son and back to Liveship but either way works.

All I know is you must read Assassin's Apprentice first and go from there. They are fantastic books and I am sure you will be blown away by them just as I was. Go get it and read it...and be ready to lose sleep 'cause you won't want to put it down!