The Final Cylon - SPOILERS (hello)

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Mar 11, 2008
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OK, who is the final f*r*a*c*k*i*n*g Cylon. I've just finished watching the first half of the series, and the only clue I picked up was when the hostages were aboard the base ship, one of the Cylons said the Four were with the fleet but the last one wasn't.

1. Does this mean the last one is one of the hostages? Trying to remember who was held hostage:
*Baltar (its so funny watching this pair interact)
*Helo (hard to imagine its Helo, don't they want Hera because she's half human? OR are they leading us up the garden path and exploring a new method of all-Cylon reproduction, creating new models that way etc)
*Durnit can't remember who else was held hostage. :p :confused:

2. If the hostages on the base ship were still considered part of the fleet, then who the frack is the final cylon? Is it someone we haven't met yet? D'anna recognised them in that vision she had, meaning she has met them before. The implication being we have met them before too (I know this is not necessarily the case, but it is implied). So who is there who is not currently part of the fleet but we have met before?? How I wish I had a memory.

Any and all speculation welcome.

Btw I have not yet watched any other episodes beyond the first ten, but if anyone wishes to post further spoilers go right ahead. :cool:
I know who the last cylon is....

it was a decent plot twist and pretty darn unexpected. But they had to back track...i'm noticing the last BSG season does a lot of backtracking. Meh.
Yeah, it's Ellen. The biggest frakin' bimbo in the BSG universe. Kudos to the actress that plays her, though. It was wierd seeing Ellen all serious after her re-awakening, but it only took one episode for that to wear off. The next one she was really back to her old ways. The show just seems so...odd these days. Still great, just different. I'm sooo glad they put it in the script when Adama asked Saul if he had been originally born, and the XO replied yes. Personally, that is a huge relief to me because I always found it unsettling that the final five were constructed. Cavel's revelation of what he all did was a very good wrap up to explain everything. I feel a great big conflict coming up in the final five (episodes, that is). My big question is, who is (was) Daniel? And is his character going to be important in the last few remaining episodes?
Don't read this if you don't want to get spoiler info!

Is Kara Thrace's daddy a cylon????

Or is she just a nutbag????

I can't wait!

I hope Boomer gets kicked in the head. Poor Chief fell for her sly sneaky selfish love again! He needs to be kicked in the ahems.
I really thought it would be either Thrace or Baltar - really don't understand why they made it Ellen Tigh.

There seemed to be a lot of resistance to allowing Thrace to be a Cyclon, even though she ticked a lot of boxes:

- she found her own dead body
- she didn't remember how she left earth
- she had been seeded with the vision of the supernova
- she had an appalling life, as per John's machinations with all the Final Five incarnations.

I just don't understand why it was so hard to allow Kara Thrace to become the missing Cylon. That would have prevented the "angels among us" deus ex machina later on and tie in better with the overall plot.

Just my opinion, though. :)
Can you imagine the feedback from hardcore fans of the original series? It was bad enough when they announce Starbuck was going to be female, but to make her a Cylon too??? :)

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