ANDERSONIC Fanzine - New Issue 7


Science fiction fantasy
Jul 8, 2008
Just wanted to give the new issue of Andersonic a mention. Issue 7 of the Gerry Anderson fanzine includes a new interview with Dominic Lavery in which he discusses designing and directing New Captain Scarlet. The issue also features other articles including:-

• APF Memories - one fan's recollections of the studio's 60s heyday.
• UFO/ Close Up - is the music the best thing about it?
• Alpha Incident Log - Strange goings on with a jewelled asteroid and a doppelganger with cold hands...
• The Fastest Guy Alive - Fireball XL5 overview.
• The Spirit of Thunderbirds - what the film missed and any new series shouldn't forget.
• Space:1999/ The Infernal Machine - Classic episode review: Sentient computer seeks new Companion: apply Box 1999.
• Alec Freeman Character Study - there's more to Alec than you think.
• Space:1999/ Black Sun - classic episode review
• Star Fleet/X-Bomber - the Japanese puppet series with a few things in common with Anderson's series.
• Stingray/ Titan Goes Pop - is it anything to shout about? Like, yeah man!
• Reviews - Barry Gray Centenary Concert and Doppelganger DVD.
• Things You Do - ...when you're a fan.

The issue has colour covers, b/w interior. Back issues are also available - see the andersonic website for details.

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