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Apr 7, 2004

So, anyone seem this new series... Watched the first episode (well, it was actually Episode 5 - HOMECOMING)... And was hoping to be really impressed... Having read a lot about the technology used, in Computing magazine back in January!!!

Here is the article if you are interested in technology stuff:

The Show!!!

Well, I was a little disappointed... Captain Scarlet was a big influence on my childhood... And I was expecting something similar from this... Thought it was gonna be slick and fun (a cross between the original and Final Fantasy The Spirits Within), but no... The voices felt all wrong... Captain Scartlet sounds bored and Colonel White's voice isn't as commanding... Also, for an Englishman to call a Lieutenant "Lootenant" instead of "Leftenant" is just plain WRONG!!!

Where is Destiny Angel with the sexy French accent??? :(

One nice touch is that Lieutenant Green is now a woman... Nice to see... Would like to see some women field agents too... :D

There is a lot less SIG... Which I always loved!!

And I didn't see the Mysterons and their ominous threats at the beginning... BOO HISS!!!


The animation is a bit of a let down... Not as good as Max Steel, but then not as bad as Xcalibur - more like Dan Dare in quality!!! And no real comedy in it... :( The world is swamped by good and bad computer animated cartoons... Time to find a new medium!!

Unfortunately, I was watching it during a kids morning show, so they never show the credits... So I couldn't see the actors who give their voices to the characters...

All in all... Not happy about it, but maybe it will grow on me... :D


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Jun 29, 2014
Ive seen two episodes , I rather liked what I saw. (y)

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