Dinosaur Summer by Greg Bear

The Master™

Science fiction fantasy
Apr 7, 2004
The story is set in 1947, and revolves around a young schoolboy called Peter Belzoni…

Peter lives with his photographer father Anthony, and they tend to travel around the US, wherever the jobs take him… So, Peter spends a lot of time reading and not making friends…

Anthony gets a job for the National Geographic to take pictures and write a story about the transportation of some circus animals back to their natural habitat… He decides to take Peter with him…

I sort of had preconceptions about this book… I was expecting it to be live Jurassic Park… But was pleasantly surprised by the way it was written… Having read other Greg Bear books, they can be a little heavy going but this is a pleasant easy read…

It is set in the world of Arthur Conan-Doyles “Lost World”, where dinosaurs were found a mesa in Venezuela, and taken around the world as circus attractions…

I would highly recommend this book, and give it a score of: 8/10