What kind of ending was that?


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Jan 13, 2009
My goodness you would think with all the 2 and 3 part episodes SG Atlantis has that the finale would be as well. I was expecting it. While I was sitting there watching it was just going way too fast.

It was certainly better than the way they ended Enterprise, but I was more disappointed than entertained by how quickly they flew thru it.

I think bringing Atlantis all the way to Earth and defending the planet from the ultimate Wraith ship deserves a much better better send off.

With Enterprise ending after only 4 seasons and Atlantis after only 5, where do we go next? All the best sci-fi's like Star Trek and Babylon 5 etc, etc are going to be hard to match. From the looks of the new Star Trek movie it hardly even looks like Star Trek anymore.

Ahhh, I shouldn't have read this!

I was gonna watch the final ep this evening, oh well, it was always a bit disappointing.

where do we go next?

So are you saying that there is a gap for a Televised Sci-fi series?
Hec I liked Atlantis much better than SG-1.

I think that there is going to be great difficulty creating anything as good as shows like what we have already seen. I mean they will never make anything that can compare with Lord Of The Rings or Star Wars. At least Star Wars has the animated series right now.

The thing is tho, is that most good movies and good shows end badly or we're left disappointed.
Just watched the ending episode.

I didn't think it was too bad although I agree with Sirdonnthedragon that it went too fast. It needed a little more suspense (am I beginning to wish it was a two-parter!?! :eek: (Nah!)).

Well BSG starts soon so at least I have something new to watch in addition to the re-runs of anything sci-fi. I just hope they don't mess-up their ending (I don't think Atlantis messed up by the way; I just hope BSG make good on what I feel has been a successful series).

What next? Maybe take something from a novel set away from any connection with Earth. Whether it be fantasy or sci-fi I'm gonna need something to fill the looming gap.

I'll miss you Atlantis :cool:
Hec I liked Atlantis much better than SG-1.

I find the ending better than the way they end SG1, for me the SG1 ending was a big dissapointment. At least, Atlantis ends the series with action the way I was expecting with SG1.

Is sad to see go the two series, I'm just going to miss my Stargate fix. Let's hope Stargate Universe give me some back although it's not going to be the same. Oh well, is better the movies to no Stargate. But definitely going to miss the series.
Indeed i will truley miss Stargate on the telly, i've always been addicted to SG1 from the get go and i loved atlantis untill the writers seemed to loose intrest by the middle of season 4 it just got really bad, instead of using micheal so much they should have ocused on the faction of Asgaurd as a new kick ass enemy now that would have rocked!

They ended Atlantis far to quickly and the fact that they returned the city to earth was rubbish! You could tell they were running out of money by the final episode anyone else notice that Todds make up looked like they had to shop at discount corner?

Fianl episode of SG1 was a tad of a let down i was atleast expecting o'niell appear but hey ho the Ark of Truth did rap up the season nicely. As for Continuum i wasn't that taken by it! You think with a budget that big they could have done something truly spectacular, here's hoping that the next movies will be a significant improvement on the previous!:D
Well frankly the ending sucked....BUT the new season looks pretty edgy...kinda like bsg+sg without the bs!
It wasn't quite as bad an ending as I expected from reading the title of this thread. Certainly it was rushed, but not as rushed as other series can be when they are suddenly cancelled. It was a two-parter really though - Vegas set the seed for the message that attracted the Wraith ship to Earth.

Totally unbelievable that the people of Earth still haven't noticed all these intergalactic battles in the skies. Also, what are they going to do with Todd?

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