What Game Are You Currently Playing?

Bugg, the Wasteland 3 DLC is heavily discounted currently. Sale ends on the 8th, I think.

Thanks! :)

Honestly, there's so much on sale at the moment that I want, especially with the Golden Week sales, that I don't know what to do. I'm trying to clear some of my backlog at the moment, not add more to it :LOL:
Valiant Hearts: Coming Home. Sequel to the WW1 game that was a hit back in 2014. Sadly, it’s way worse than the first game.

The iconic art direction is still there, and the game is nectar for history buffs, but the gameplay itself is lacking. It’s too easy. Disappointingly easy. There’s a lot of repetition, and there are no boss fights.

I’ve beaten it because it’s very short and I’m a history buff, but I don’t recommend it.

Sifu. A kung-fu fighting game where you get older everytime you lose.

Downloading it now. Very excited for it.
I've gotten back into Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order since I never finished it and Jedi: Survivor is on the Game Pass. It's a beautiful game. The environments are stunning, but it does feel more like Tomb Raider (which I love) than Star Wars in a lot of ways.

I think my biggest issue is that I grew up on games like Jedi Academy where one swing of a lightsaber would dismember your opponent. Even in The Force Unleashed the whole idea is you're this unstoppable bad*** that goes in with lightsaber and Force powers blazing. In Fallen Order, that kind of approach will get you killed by a couple of overgrown grub worms.

You've really got to have some patience in combat, which I struggle with. It's much more about strategy and timing than overpowering your opponent. This makes sense because Cal is just a Padawan, so I didn't really expect to just mow through hordes of enemies, but I feel like the combat sections tend to slow the game down instead of ramping it up.

I think my opinion may change as I get further into it now that I know more of what to expect.
I've noticed that a lot of older games share the same sound effects for things like footsteps, doors opening, and so on. In the case of games like Thief and System Shock, this makes sense, as they were made by the same people, but I've heard the same noises on, say, Vampire the Masquerade. I can only assume that there was a pack of standard sound effects that was bought by a lot of different companies.
Lost my all three of my colonists to a wild cougar in Rimworld so having to start over. Watched three videos beforehand and they've helped me a lot getting to grips with this game. I think I'm actually starting to enjoy it this time:)
Just barely won, by conquest, my last Age of Wonders game. Three more turns and it would've gone to score victory (I think I would've still won, though).
What a difference a bit of assistance makes. After watching some videos on what to do, I find myself really starting to get caught up in Rimworld. After losing my first colony to a wild cougar, my second is faring much better. I've even had a couple of new recruits join up. So far, I've discovered how to build auto turrets and brew beer. Next on my list is growing cocoa trees and making my own chocolate. This should lead to some happy campers. I've also created something called TeeVee and my colonists spend far too much time with it;)
I’m getting a little bored with Horizon Zero Dawn, which surprises me considering I spent so much time on Days Gone. I’m going for some mindless zombie killing with Dead Island. It’s entertaining enough, but I doubt that it’ll be a game that I’m interested in finishing. We’ll see. I might give Fallout another go in a few days.
I've shelled out for the Anomaly DLC for Rimworld. It brings Lovecraftian style horror scenarios to the game. It's quite handy because you can activate it and run it within a game that's already in progress so no need to start over.

My intrepid bunch of survivors killed some cultists just as they were trying to summon a creature from who knows where. Despite reciving some minor injuries, all went according to plan - or so I thought. It seems now that Hudson is having some bad dreams........uh oh.........:eek:
I've been playing the original Civilization, and it's worrying that even now, 30 years after it's release, I still know the security questions answer.

No need to look any of them up.

I might not remember my own phone number, but there is still a chunk of my brain dedicated to remembering the perquisites for Industrialization...
I just started to play Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, and within 10 minutes, I was already captivated.
Just beat the indie game Killer Frequency. It's a very unusual game: you play as a washed-up radio personality who ends up in a station in the arse-end of nowhere covering up for the 911 dispatcher while a serial killer is on the loose. People start calling for help and, live on air, you help them survive. You never get to actually see the action.

I very much enjoyed it. It takes place in the 80s, and it references a lot of slasher films from that decade. The story (the game's only feature btw) is pretty decent.

A video popped up in my YT recommendations showing a new mod list, called Nolvus, for Skyrim. I expect some here already know about it, might even have tried it. I thought "That looks fantastic, I might reinstall it and give it a go"

Then I saw that, to install the mod list, it requires nearly 400GB, which made me laugh after the discussion about game sizes a few weeks back :LOL:

NOLVUS | SKYRIM AE Modding Guide | Auto Installer - Requirements

I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took a 400GB high-definition laser arrow to the knee in glorious technicolor.

In all seriousness, while it would clearly enhance the combat element (never Skyrim's strongest aspect) how much would this change the cycle of games like this? Go to man - get quest - go and fight things - collect object or kill target - return to man or possibly keep object/betray man. I actually don't have much of a problem with this structure, but it does seem as if games have increasingly good graphics at huge memory cost.
I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took a 400GB high-definition laser arrow to the knee in glorious technicolor.


Yes, agreed. Tbh, I'm not much of one for "realistic" graphics. I much prefer a "style" like, say, Persona 5 or Zelda. That video makes Skyrim look more like Horizon Zero Dawn. Mind you, it's so long since I played it, I'm probably two PC upgrades on since the last time. So I'd have to buy the Anniversary Edition as well to make those mods work. I'd be interested to see how vanilla looks on my rig now before trying any fancy stuff.

Although the mod that replaces all the spiders with bears is a must :eek::LOL:
I agree, style counts for more than realism. I would much rather play a game that had an interesting setting and mediocre graphics than one with amazing graphics and the same old fantasy setting (although Skyrim is slightly different to that, thanks to the Viking stuff). It's why I like games from the early 2000s: the style is often interesting in itself and the things they depict are more unusual.
but it does seem as if games have increasingly good graphics at huge memory cost.
Ironic that while this is true, Dredge is one of my favourite games of the last year (taking up a whopping 500 Meg). The graphics limitations that this placed on the game gave it a look and style all of its own.
Picked up Skyrim Special Edition for £6 off CDKeys, so I'm going to have a go at modding it. Not - repeat, NOT! - with that 400GB nonsense a few posts back :LOL:
My latest colony on Rimworld came to a grisly end. I decided to name it The Crimson Cult (partly because I was playing with the Anomaly DLC and partly because I recently watched The Curse Of The Crimson Altar on TV).

Despite its rather sinister name, it was a thriving, peaceful colony with 6 humans and a few chickens. They’d fought off the usual raiders and mad animals and even were charitable enough to take a wanderer into their community. Little did they know that he was infested with Metal Horrors. These are metallic entities from the depths of Hell that gestate within a host and then burst out in Alien fashion to wreak havoc. Nobody survived. Not even the chickens.

Back to the drawing board….

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