What Game Are You Currently Playing?

In all fairness, it's basically impossible to keep current generation games working on old operating systems and both GOG and Steam list it as Windows 7 minimum. I don't even know if a computer that old would give you any sort of reasonable performance either, as the games can become massive in scale.

That said, I do feel for you. I remember when I upgraded my computer and was told Windows 7 didn't support the new hardware and I'd have to upgrade to 10, at additional cost :/

As to the manual, I agree and love a good manual to be included. There are a fair amount of beginner guides both written and on YouTube to get you the basics, though the helper that suggests things as you play is fairly useful to start with as well. It's harder for new players though, what with all the changes and updates and stuff over the years.
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I am currently playing Assassins Creed Valhalla - which is what I was also playing six months ago. Either games are getting bigger or I'm just not gaming anywhere near as much as I used to. I suspect a little of both - scratch that - a lot of both!
Sorry to hear that, Foxbat. I'm only a PS4 player, so didn't know about any kind of change like that. Can imagine it being very frustrating.
From GOG Stellaris page:

Works on:
Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Linux (Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04), Mac OS X (10.11+)
I'm currently playing Aion - I got it for my birthday years ago when it was still under paid subscription but could never keep up with the payments, but now the EU Version has gone Free to Play I've gone back to it and I'm not disappointed at all.

I've also got a game called Resonance of Fate that I'm slowly (very slowly!) working my way through, it's quite complicated for me.

Finally, and although I'm not playing it, I really do want to play The Last of Us - I've heard nothing but good reviews from it and I just cannot wait until Payday so I can buy it!
@Foxbat I didn't see that. I read the one at the bottom of the page.

No idea what GOG is playing at with having two different sections with conflicting information. Either way, that's clearly on GOG as the Steam page for it lists the same as the bottom of GOG. If I were you and I really didn't want to play it on my main machine, I'd avail myself of GOGs return policy and just get my money back.
I would ask for a refund if it was full price but I got it for £8 so, frankly, although very annoying hardly worth the bother. I consciously avoided paying full price and waited for it to appear in a sale because I don’t think I own a Paradox game that I never regretted buying. This is just another to add to the pile.
Toby, is that the re-release or the original game?

I always played as FemShep. Tried one game as ManShep but within a few minutes I had to quit as it just felt wrong.
Just downloaded Carrier Battles 4: Gaudalcanal. Looks interesting and gets decent reviews. It’s for people like me who cut their strategy teeth on hex-based boardgames. I like the graphics. They echo those cardboard hexagon origins, are nice, crisp and functional. Busy learning how to play right now.
I need to try and get into Mass Effect again. I tried to play it a few years ago and liked what I played and is very much solid SF story telling, but my mood wasn't right so I stopped and never really got back into it.

I'm 110 hours into Days Gone now, which is fantastic value for money. I've been having a fabulous time. I've read complaints that the game can be a bit samey but it's to be expected, I think. I've not yet finished the story missions and am just taking the time to kill off some of the smaller hordes which certainly gets the heart pounding.
I've been playing a game called Wars Across The World. It’s actually a game system utilising area movement, traditional looking counters and card draws. It can be used to simulate conflicts throughout history (and fiction).

The base game is only anout £7 (summer sale) and comes with 8 scenarios. You can buy DLCs of more scenarios (10 per DLC I think) at around £9 each. The range is vast, covering Roman conquest and well into our own century. The maps and other artwork are gorgeous and give it that traditional boardgame feel. If you’re looking for zip-zap bang and the latest graphics innovations then look elsewhere.

I’ve recently been playing as the Romans against the Carthaginians, fighting for Sicily in the first Punic War. Now, I’m playing as the FBI and other forces of law and order in a tactical scenario, fighting against Lovecraftian monsters in Innsmouth, 1928.

The fact that I’ve won the last two games makes wonder about AI capability but, at this price, I’m quite happy with my purchase. Next in Wars Across The World, I’m taking on the USA in the Battle Of The Coral Sea.
I finished Days Gone last night. I did get side tracked with some of the side missions, so it ended up taking me about 135 hours to complete. What a blast and great value for money. I'm just spending a little time to kill off the remainder of the hordes, then on to Horizon Zero Dawn, i think.

I was surprised that the game received so much criticism on it's release. Some of it was warranted, i'll agree, but i thought they fixated on the negative. I really enjoyed the open world style of game play. I hear that a Star Wars open world game is in the works. After playing this, i'm delighted.

On the basis of this game, i also bought Red Dead: Redemption, but i prefer a sci-fi title.
Just brought a switch and started Zelda breath of the wild. Already the easy open world play is drawing me into a wonderful experience of roaming and exploring for hours on end; before bed when I should be reading! :eek:
I'm still on Mass Effect and frankly I'm pretty awed by the sheer scale and quality of it, especially since it was made in 2007. Yes, it is quite repetitive - I'd forgotten how many near-identical mines and prefab colonies you visit - but the sheer size of it and the detail is really impressive. Technically, I think it's remarkable.

And yet it's a bit lacking in fun. It might be because Sheppard is either a by-the-book military type or a jerk depending on how you play him/her, or that there's no real humour or levity. It lacks that feel of "let's all have a big adventure" that you get in something like Firefly, Dragon Age or the KOTOR Star Wars games. Even Dishonoured, with its obsession with rats, feels more of a laugh. But it's still a real achievement.

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