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Jan 4, 2004
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What are you currently playing in regards to video games? This thread will remain stickied until 2010, which sounds very science fiction.

For myself, I am replaying the Nintendo Wii's version of Resident Evil 4 from Ada's viewpoint. I am enjoying it immensely. The price tag of just under twenty U.S. dollars for a new copy sweetened the deal.

I recommend it for adult players interested in the horror genre. It is not, however, recommended for children due to zombie violence.


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Re: What Are You Currently Playing? (2009)

New year, new thread. Reasonable.

Which means I can narrow it back down to one game - Resistance 2. It's so much fun! :D The original was good, but after a while it got a bit stale, and I haven't really played it since I completed it. The sequel, however, is a lot better. Either that or I've become a better gunner since my days of knee-capping people all those years ago in March 2007. :rolleyes:
Re: What Are You Currently Playing? (2009)

I certainly found Resistance 2 to be alot easier than the first game.

Anyway my blitz on completing games since Xmas continues.

Resistance 2 - Mediocre
Gears 2 - Superb in every way
Tomb Raider Underworld - Twas ok
Prince of Persia - Pish easy, with an annoying main character, but the platforming was fun.

and now Mirror's Edge

It was nice to see somthing different, however the first person parkour game just doesn't work for me. It's weird trying to judge distance and after falling for the millionth time it got a tad boring. When you get it right it is a flowing thing of beauty, but all too often I went splat.

The combat is also rubbish, which might have been fine if you could avoid combat, but you can't always do that.

Also I thought it a but weird that they hade the very nice model of Faith in the trailers and then had all the story parts in the game done in an anime style that clashed with the main graphics.

Overall it was a nice try at something new, but too annoying and far too short to be a class game.

Re: What Are You Currently Playing? (2009)

Well, I don't game as much as I used to, but I've recently been playing Apollo Justice on my D.S. I sadly don't have access to my Wii or PS2 at Uni! :( I've also been completing the bonuses on Professor Layton and the Curious Village, but have finished all but 2 puzzles in-game.

Oh, and since we're recommending... I'd recommend both of the above games to anyone really. Layton took me 12 hours to finish, so it's fairly short, but it's a lot of good fun! Oh, and I think everyone should play Phoenix Wright 1 before they consider any of the other games (1 has been my favourite so far).

I really need to get my hands on Final Fantasy VII: Crises Core...
Re: What Are You Currently Playing? (2009)

I've started the Sacred Rings, a PC adventure game sequel to Aura Fate of the Ages. Lots of good exploration and mind engaging challenges, stuff that I really enjoy.
Re: What Are You Currently Playing? (2009)

Mainly Football Manager 2009 (4th season with Blyth Spartans now, currently in the Blue Square Premier, top of the ladder 10 games in to the season)

I have Gears 2 to play, GTA IV and Star Wars: Unleashed to finish (keep getting distracted by real life)

Though I've had a bit of nostalgia and decided to replay the old AD&D games from SSI - starting with the original Pool of Radiance. Despite the poor graphics, they're such addictive games.
Re: What Are You Currently Playing? (2009)

Resistance 2 (PS3) and Fable II (360) and Prince of Persia (PS3)
Re: What Are You Currently Playing? (2009)

ANd with the Wii in mind I've just had my first play of Batman Lego and then Indiana Jones Lego. Only had one since Christmas - and one a lot ealier, but there you go eh?
Re: What Are You Currently Playing? (2009)

I finally found some video games that I don't suck at! Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero for Xbox. cuz if I gotta fly around and shoot stuff and remember to pick up ammo packages and do quests or build a character or upgrade armor, it ain't gonna happen.
Re: What Are You Currently Playing? (2009)

I'm playing Left 4 Dead right now. It is probably the best zombie game I have ever played (keep in mind that I have never played the Resident Evil games...I'm too big a wuss for those). The computer is actually competent! It's awesome.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is another game that I am in the middle of. I'm one of those RPG freaks that has to level up to 99 and complete every side quest imaginable, not to mention get all of the best armors and weapons so the final boss is a breeze.

Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii. I played it through about half way on the Gamecube, but then gained access to the Wii version and am now hooked.

Annnnnd...I've already beat Gears of War 2. Such a good game. When I run into more I'll let you guys know! :D
Re: What Are You Currently Playing? (2009)

Did you enjoy the first one, Cayal? I sure did. I waited and waited for the 2nd one to get released, and now I'm breathless for the 3rd one! So many unanswered questions! (If you listen after the credits, it SCREAMS sequel...I'm excited.)
Re: What Are You Currently Playing? (2009)

It wasn't bad. I don't hold it in high regard as others do.
Re: What Are You Currently Playing? (2009)

Ah. I can see why that might be. There are a lot of cliches with the characters, but I really enjoyed the game play. Though it took me a little bit to get used to the controls (over-the-shoulder shooters aren't generally games I play...I'm more of a first-person shooter person myself), overall it was a very enjoyable experience.

I mean, the chainsaw melee? I don't generally like a ton of gore, but that's just flat-out fun. :)

Also, they go more into depth with the story in the second one. Very cool.
Re: What Are You Currently Playing? (2009)

Controls were a bit annoying...but I am so used to a PS controller.

I don't think it is better than Mass Effect or Fable 2.

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