Dany's Next Move


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Dec 5, 2008
So on another thread tk provided some links to other discussions about Dany, which got me thinking. What do you guys see as her next steps moving forward. She's going to have tons of people trying to pull her in different directions (the young griff, martell, victarion, tyrion, etc.) Who's she going to trust, where is she going to go, and what is she going to do?

Seeing as she doesn't know much about any of these people I think she is going to have to rely a lot on Barristan's opinion. What does he think about her new guests?

Does she join with Dorne, the Ironborn, maybe both? Will she sail to Ashai or Valyria. What is going to happen to the slaves she freed, they can't possibly go with her?

I think there are some things to talk about, any input is more than welcome, Thanks.
My prediction, Tyrion will advise her to ally with Dorne and try to convince Victarion to win the Iron Fleet over to her cause, playing on the divide between Victarion and Euron.
Problem is, she wouldn't know anything about the tensions between Victarion and Euron nor of the kingsmoot without Victarion telling her himself. He may just reveal his true motives but Dany does not strike me as the type to agree to play second fiddle to Victarion who's ambition is to surplant his dear brother as King of the Iron Islands.

This will be where Barristan's and Tyrion's advice would help her most. I didn't include Quentyn in there because as we know he himself has his own motives for the cause of Dorne and has apparently been bethroted to Dany, without her knowledge or consent or course.

She may just go Dracaris on all their butts.
And in regards to the Ashai journey, I just haven't seen Dany show any interest in it. Whats going to compel her to go there, she already doesn't trust their magic and she is clearly going to be pretty distracted dealing with her visitors. So if she's gotta go to Ashai,what's gonna push her there?

And I think we have to remember Marwyn as well. He seems to know quite a lot about dragonlore and unlike the others he hasn't given any overt political motivations for his journey (or has he? i could be mistaken). What does he want from her?
Ah nice use with the spoilers and here i thought you were prescient or something :)

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