Errata for the B&N volume

Mar 31, 2012
It has arrived. And I have very bizarre news: this IS a dupe of the contents of the second "corrected" leatherbound Barnes and Noble edition, apparently licensed and with the exact same font (but bigger typesetting), minus all the Joshi notes, the Juvenilia, and the "Supernatural Fiction" essay, etc. This edition features an introduction by Eric Carl Link, instead.

Here's where it gets interesting: they seem to have fixed some of the typos found by Greg and myself, but not all of them. I've spent the last several hours checking the new edition against the typos we've recorded in here, and these are the ones still present in this new edition, adjusted for the altered page count:
202.11: sins like Ptolemaism, Calvinism, anti-Darwinisn,] sins like Ptolemaism, Calvinism, anti-Darwinism,
456.34: The next day they spoke with a ship with violet sails] The next day they spoke a ship with violet sails (they used my "correction" that Joshi shot down, ha!)
902.11: I made no progess.] I made no progress.
994.1 I had seen him one or twice in my youth ] I had seen him once or twice in my youth

Oddly, the typo perspexorange points out from "The Call of Cthulhu" upthread has been fixed.

The contents don't seem to be listed anywhere online, so I'll transcribe from the table of contents:

- "Introduction" [by Eric Carl Link]
- The Beast in the Cave
- The Alchemist
- The Tomb
- Dagon
- A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson
- Polaris
- Beyond the Wall of Sleep
- Memory
- Old Bugs
- The Transition of Juan Romero
- The White Ship
- The Street
- The Doom That Came to Sarnath
- The Statement of Randolph Carter
- The Terrible Old Man
- The Cats of Ulthar
- The Tree
- Celephaïs
- The Picture in the House
- The Temple
- Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family
- From Beyond
- Nyarlathotep
- The Quest of Iranon
- The Music of Erich Zahn
- Ex Oblivione
- Sweet Ermengarde
- The Nameless City
- The Outsider
- The Moon-Bog
- The Other Gods
- Azathoth
- Herbert West-Reanimator
- Hypnos
- What the Moon Brings
- The Hound
- The Lurking Fear
- The Rats in the Walls
- The Unnamable
- The Festival
- Under the Pyramids
- The Shunned House
- The Horror at Red Hook
- He
- In the Vault
- Cool Air
- The Call of Cthulhu
- Pickman's Model
- The Strange High House in the Mist
- The Silver Key
- The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
- The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
- The Colour Out of Space
- The Descendant
- The Very Old Folk
- History of the Necronomicon
- The Dunwich Horror
- Ibid
- The Whisperer in Darkness
- At the Mountains of Madness
- The Shadow Over Innsmouth
- The Dreams in the Witch House
- Through the Gates of the Silver Key
- The Thing on the Doorstep
- The Evil Clergyman
- The Book
- The Shadow Out of Time
- The Haunter of the Dark
- "The Life and Times of H.P. Lovecraft" [essentially a condensed timeline style biography]
- "Further Reading"

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