Survivors 1.06


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Aug 21, 2007
I have to say that Survivors is a great drama and I really cannot understand why it got only six episodes and Merlin thirteen (plus next season). There's no drama in Merlin.


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Oct 13, 2008
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well i have been enjoying both series. i dont really think that this could be compared to Merlin, merlin is for Middle to late teens and Survivors is more for adults.
After 'the last train' not doing so well i supose they are testing the water with this series, its easyer to win over the teen market which is why the Merlin series was longer.

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Jun 25, 2001
I am coming in well late to this discussion, not been on the boards for ages

Still thought I'd add my £'s worth (by the way is a pound still worth a pound - probably not these days!)

I saw survivors first time round and loved it, always did - when UK Gold re-showed it about 10 years ago I watched it all over again and it was still as good. I know some of the acting was a bit dodgy and it wasn't as super slick and sexy as the stuff tv produces now, (but I am still a fan of classic Dr Who - wobbly sets and toothpaste caps for console controls)

I am really enjoying this series, I see the parallels with the 70's series and some of them are not quite sitting right but as they keep telling us its not a remake I shouldn't nit pick.. but I can't help myself a bit.....

I also wondered about the Jenny character in this series (Freema's character) On the basis she has the same symptoms with the lump under the arm as Abby did then I am guessing she will have survived and re-appear. But Jenny was such a main and integral character in the original series it doesn't seem right that she's been replaced by the other girl (whose name escapes me so clearly hasn't had much of an impact on me!!)

And the Tom character is so totally different to the original Tom Price why couldn't they just call him something different and make him a new character. I think this Tom is a good and valid character for the show, but he is not the weasley, pervey, murdering ******* that I remember from the original series.

Loving the whole Al and the kid routine - thats working, and of course in this one we are seeing that its the scientists that started the whole thing, which we did sort of know in the 70's version, but not with the same insight here. So whats going to happen next week, they are clearly after Abby as someone who recovered........... hopefully Greg will save the day. Also liking Patterson Joseph as Greg, slightly different twist on the character but the basics are there.

Can't wait for Tuesday


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Jan 5, 2001
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Original Air Date—23 December 2008

The group is forced to leave their country house headquarters when Sarah betrays the fact that Anya is a doctor and Tom kills one of Samantha's men. They relocate to the city where Naj gets lost and is eventually found,having been taken in by Craig, a sort of Fagin figure who, with his partner June, gives boys a home in exchange for what they can scavenge. The other survivors take Naj from Craig but are ultimately tracked down by Samantha's people in a rooftop car park where Greg is shot and Abby is captured and driven away.

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