Petition for Perdido Street Station Movie


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Nov 20, 2008
Hi there,

a friend of mine and me have started this petition:

we hope for your signs.

best rgds
Sorry but I hope they NEVER make a PSS movie. No way that's going to be done right given the absolutely savage and heart-wrenching turns the story takes. No way somebody is going to put up big money for all the visuals and have an mass-audience-unfriendly story like this.

And then again, I'd rather have people make original movies than regurgitations of books and comics.
I want a PSS movie as much as the next person (well, excluding Ravenus above) but this petition's a pretty stupid idea. No studio anywhere makes movies by petition. They need to weigh up whether a story can be adapted, what it will cost, how well they can advertise it, what the target audience is, who can direct it, who can star in it, and a thousand other factors. No-one's ever seen a petition (let alone an online one, swamped amongst the millions of other petitions people have started for all sorts of things online) and decided, "Hey, that small and insignificant number of people want a movie based on ____________, I'll make it!"

The exception might be Serenity, but that had thousands upon thousands of fans pressuring for a movie, plus the success of DVD sales behind it.

Also, do you plan to present this petition to anyone? They don't sit around on the internet waiting to be found, they need to be addressed to a particular person or organisation. You have "To Hollywood" as the opening line, and that's pretty laughable. So this is aimed at all of Hollywood? What, the entire population of Hollywood? The roads and buildings themselves?

If you were serious about this you would pick a studio with a strong back catalogue of fantasy productions and a reputation for giving fresh ideas a chance, and go to them. Actually, scratch that, if you were serious you would seek the adaptation rights from China Mieville's representatives, buy them, spend a while (maybe a year) writing a screenplay and its accompanying treatments, hire a preproduction company to come up with conceptual artwork and so on, and then you would shop it around.

This whole reply probably comes off as pretty mean, but I find internet petitions to be the most ridiculous things ever, and utterly worthy of scorn, so whatever :p
The only person who can make a PSS movie, or any movie of China's books, is Terry Gilliam. End of discussion.

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