Michael Biehn didn't want to do Alien 3?


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Nov 3, 2008
Sorry, I just saw the above title in another thread and thought I'd start one of my own.

I thought the character of Hicks was a useful addition to the Aliens saga and was gutted when he got killed off.

I was really surprised to see a rumour that he didn't want to do another one.

Is there any substance to this?
If I had read the script, I wouldn't have wanted to do it either. Aliens 3 was just...unholy.
Well it's a good thing he didn't, or he mightn't have had the career he's... oh, wait.

Well, he did pretty dang good in Grindhouse.

If he had done 3, he would have been trapped in that role the way Weaver was.
I love Aliens its my favorite of all the alien movies and a large part of that love is extended to Michael Biehn and his character of Hicks. Overall I think he can play some good characters and I think he has been a largely under utilized actor, getting some pretty crap roles at times, others have been excellent, in Tombstone for instance I though he played an excellent part as Jonny Ringo.

However if you stop and think of all the characters he has played, he does seem to get killed off quite alot!

As for another round with the Aliens, nah I would'nt want to either, they are damm scarey.
I agree that Alien 3 was a let down, but I thought if Hicks was still alive (and possibly Newt and a full, working Bishop) then they could have thrown a few Pulse rifes in there and made it more like Aliens (maybe I should just re-watch Aliens?)
I think you've got to take the third one on it's own merits. Cameron moved away from Scott with Aliens, and Fincher stepped away from Cameron with Alien 3. They're three independent visions (four, really). I think the third one gets a bad wrap - I quite like it.
I watched the making of Aliens in the special edition box set and James Cameron is clearly not happy with the way that Hicks was just killed off in Alien 3, as he had "Put so much work into creating the Characters."

I think, with James being more of an action director, he probably turned down Alien 3 after reading the script and then maybe knowing that it would not be directed with James Cameron, Michael Biehn, at the time, having alot of work, maybe decided he didn't fancy the script either.

Like what was said by Culhwch, I think maybe aswell, when Fincher got the Director slot, that he wanted a fresh start and so a fresh selection of Characters, not ones that has been created and moulded by James Cameron.
I have only ever watched Alien 3 once. As soon as I found out (early on in the movie) that Newt and Hicks were dead and Bishop was totalled it took the enthusiasm out of me. So much effort to survive in Aliens and then "Oh they died off screen in a ship crash." It just felt wrong and somehow unfair, I guess that's part of it, as a viewer I felt cheated.

I hold out the probably vain hope that scott or Cameron will redo Alien 3 as it should have been. Set it twenty years after Aliens on Earth or the Moon. Hicks and Ripley brought up Newt who is now the key character... ah well, one can only hope.

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