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David Gullen

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Jul 25, 2008
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from Stephen Hunt at Science Fiction Crowsnest - SciFi Magazine

If you are a FaceBook user, please note, the SFcrowsnest.com Magazine FaceBook group has been hijacked. As of yesterday, any messages sent by it are NOT from SFcrowsnest.com staff or myself and should be treated as hostile – e.g. potentially containing or leading to scams, malware, compromised web pages and the like.
Please post news of this on your FaceBook profile and let all of your own FaceBook friends know as a matter of urgency.
Secondly, if you run a blog or zine, please spread news that the SFcrowsnest.com Magazine FaceBook group at SFcrowsnest.com Magazine | Facebook has been hijacked by hostiles and refer them to this warning which is now prominently linked from our own home page and can be found at Emergency announcement from SFcrowsnest.com: please help – I will keep this page updated with developments and any explanation/apology from FaceBook as and when (or if) I get it.
So far only the SFcrowsnest.com Magazine FaceBook group at SFcrowsnest.com Magazine | Facebook has been hijacked, but seeing it was myself that was singled out by FaceBook hackers, I would suggest also treating any messages from my Rule Jackelia FaceBook group at Rule Jackelia | Facebook and my personal Stephen Hunt FaceBook account at Stephen Hunt - London | Facebook as being fatally compromised, as I’m certainly not in control of these two accounts either anymore.

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Feb 4, 2007
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Hi David

Just thought you would like to know that a much worse hack happend on Bebo, which I nearly got caught out with. At the moment I'm not a member of your group but let me know when you are back up and running as I would like to join.

Hopefully this wont be a problem too long these hackers will be frozen out and have their site shut down. I have notced that social networking sites are coming under increasing attack latley.:mad:

Hope things work out soon mate.:D
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