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May 15, 2007
I was looking for a special version of Sleeping Beauty in which the Princess turns old after the wedding. I now found the author, it is David Henry Wilson. This post is for those who wondered with me. The book seems to be out of print and I only found the German title which might be very different from the English one; "Der Fluch der achten Fee"= "The curse of the eighth fairy".
This sounds very interesting. Are you not thinking of Sheri S Tepper's novel Beauty?
afroelf, my first thread from September has vanished in the big hole . I am 100% sure that the book I looked for is the one by David Wilson. Now, I am only looking for the English title. Plus, I want to share the information with those who made helpful suggestions.
Das Forum der geknickten Bücher :: Der Fluch der achten Fee - David Henry Wilson

and here translated into english is a synopsis - so far no luck finding the english version of the book yet - are you sure it was ever translated?

Fairy Tale: David Henry Wilson - The Curse of the eighth Fee

And Sleeping Beauty pricked on the spindle, and she and the court slept 100 years. Then came a prince, kissed the sleeping princess. They awoke, the Court awoke, and Prince and Princess were married, and if they are not dead, then they live today ...

Sure, you know, the story of Sleeping Beauty. David Henry Wilson uses precisely this fairy tale, a wholly own story around it to knit. Prince Alfonso will take place at a hunting trip one to date completely unknown castle, by a thorn hedge umrankt is. He proposes that with his sword a passageway, enters the courtyard and finds ... louder skeletons! When closer examination of the premises finds he is a sleeping, beautiful girl, he kisses. Then she wakes up, and although they are fighting on the other hand, takes it with Alonso on his abode. Saphira - as the name of the girl - claims that she was a princess and her parents regents about a particular country. But despite intensive research can not find in the chronicles, which proves that it has given this country, nor the Saphira kings or their parents have been. Also try to find out why the Saphira 100 years and has slept her nothing happened, while their parents and the staff but all were skeletons. That is why the consultants say the prince, the Saphira is a Schwindlerin. Nevertheless urges the prince to a marriage, he loves this girl but more than his own life. They finally agrees, but the condition that all the skeletons in their predetermined place to be buried, and there is the wedding taking place. What you teeth grinding while but then accept a compromise. In Saphiras castle but there will be two more mysteries: First, nobody knows why the princess knows where who comes into it, the other is located in the crypt, where her parents are buried, including the tomb of Alonso and Saphira ... , Something that you could not know!

Nevertheless, the wedding instead. And the wedding night will be completed. But when Alonso wakes up the next morning, he lies beside an old woman. Alsono is appalled and disgusted. He wants to annul the marriage is rock solid convinced that this woman is not Saphira, although she repeatedly asserts that it is.
It raises her even a pact with the devil, and in order to prove their guilt, it stands at a particular position with a needle.
She yells at against pain. And dies ... .It sets them in the family tomb and found a blanket with characters whose translation of the whole puzzle solving. Alonso shall take a decision ...

"The curse of the eighth fairy" is a tragic, yet beautiful fairy tale, which is also a Pladoyer for humanity, which shows that love can overcome borders and also a small blow against prejudice suggests.

Who but brave in shining armor Reckenholz stands, whose dramatic fights against evil and that in many action scenes, the need is not zuzulegen. If you have Fairytale with faint undertones like that can be quiet conscience as well.
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The author is British so I assume that the book was published in English. I will buy the German version second hand and let you know the original title.
You could check with The British Library as they have a copy of every British book that was printed.
Yesterday I received my copy of this book. It says that the original title is "Dawnrose" and the copyricht is from 1989.

Ian, the book you linked to also looks good. But if "Dawnrose" is part of it, the other 11 stories can only be one or two pages long.

The book is as good as I remembered and I enjoyed it more now than when reading it as a child.

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