Feb 11, 2005
on a boat
I once tried to read one of his books, but could never get past the first chapter~ This is probably the wrong place to ask if they're any good... I guess I wasn't concentrating at the time:cool:
I can agree with you on this one. Some of his books can be long and detailed. This is a shame because he has some good ideas but they tend to be buried under everything else :confused:

I prefer his standalones.
Memory, Sorrow and Torn are great stories! They can be long winded in detail, but nearly as bad as Tolkein... I would reccommend the series highly!
Try Tailchaser's Song. It's all about cats. Yes, I know, it sounds strange. I'm not a cat fan, myself, but the story is what you might call a good old fashioned ripping yarn. Really.

Stop looking at me like that, it's an honest suggestion.

Fine, don't take me seriously, then.
as a cat fan i support the suggestion above. Worth the read.
Oh yes, and my cat too. Now she's requiring tuna and turkey fillet at all meals and confuse my office with her personal playroom. ;)
Good mystery serie, isn't the same writer than the Cadfael ones ?
I really do prefer the long winded details and thus I find Tad Williams to be one of my favorite authors in the fantasy genre. I did read some of the Otherland series which is also very well crafted but for some reason a few years ago I stopped reading Science Fiction.

Loved Memory, Sorrow and Thorn. Otherworld wasn't quite as good I must admit. Shadowmarch is about in between but I shall be getting the next volume. I really enjoy the way he writes but only the Fantasy books...
I have heard many good things about Memory, Sorrow and Thorn. The only Williams' books that I have read are Tailchaser's Song and Otherland: city of golden shadows. I started the second book in the Otherland series but I just couldn't get through it. Which was sad because I really liked the first one.
As several of the others above I can recommend tailchaser's Song. I'm currently reading the otherland series and I'm busy with the third book. It will probably be finished by me only because of my stubbornness. Personally I don't like the odds he's putting up against the heroes, since I can only see him finish this series with A "Deus Ex Machina" (just like Peter F. Hamilton's Night's Dawn Trilogy), which would be a shame. I guess I'll find that out at the end of the fourth book...
Otherland, far and away, was my favorite Tad Williams piece. Tad is obviously the older bull from the old joke, who sets up his books with meticulous detail to make things very satisfying later on. When that's done and things start to roll, it's hard to put his books down. Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, for instance... it took me about 500+ pages of bearing with it before it paid off. After that I read the last two books within about 10 days. Granted... the ending was kind of 'eh', but the story did get told.
Finished Shadowplay not very long ago. I was surprised how easy it was to pick up where Shadowmarch left off. I wasn't too keen at the beginning of Shadowmarch but it did pick up really well.

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