October's Photo Challenge - Simplicity

Well, if it stays tied the way it is now (between Hoopy and me), then I would defer to Hoopy since I have already given a challenge theme and she hasn't yet. That way she could decide Nov's theme.

That's probably how we would do it in the future as well. Whoever hadn't done a challenge theme yet would be able to decide the next month's challenge. If they both had already come up with one, we could always throw their names in a hat and pick one at random! :)

Or choose the one who hadn't come up with a challenge theme for awhile. So for example, if 'Bob' and 'Sue' are tied, if Bob came up with a challenge in October, and Sue came up with a challenge in July, then we could let Sue decide the next month's challenge.
Woo Hoo a vote :) Mine went to Lady of Winterfell, as much for the photo of the seedling as for her salt and pepper shakers.
Well, only fifteen minutes until midnight in Arizona, so if anyone is going to poach it from Hoops, the votes will need to come soon!
Well, it is now well and truly midnight in Arizona, so Hoopy has officially taken the choccies! Congrats! Now, the important thing - what's the next theme?
Jeez, give me some time to enjoy my moment of glory, won'tcha? :p

Blimey. Well. To those who did so, thanks for voting for me. And I think it shows the level of talent on the site in how there have been different winners each month, and how the results are often quite close.

Anyway, onto the next challenge...
Indeed. Congrats, Hoopy!! :)

Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for us next!
I think about twenty-two people voted in the end. I think we're actually getting more voters with each month.
And the winner is.....


Congratulations to Hoopy for winning the Simplicity Photo Challenge!! :D

And thanks to everyone for participating!! It seems like each month we are getting more and more people involved, which is great. We also had the most people vote in October.

And now its on to November....Urban!!!​

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