October's Photo Challenge - Simplicity

My vote goes to Hoops. Two simple subjects, very simply shot. Best captured the theme for me. Honourable mentions to Sloweye's abbey, AE's two pics, Lady's salt and pepper shakers, and Seph's glass.
I think this has been the toughest photo challenge yet! All of the photos here are really good, but I picked BookStop's door as my favourite, although it would be very closely followed by Seph's wineglass and Cul's flower. Great photos, all!
Yep, definitely an excellent challenge month. For mine I loved Hoopy's and Cul's, both photos each of them did were terrific. In the end I voted Hoopy since Cul had this month's one, and I couldn't think of any other way to choose.
Seven-way tie! Closest month yet. Well, if you haven't voted yet, Wyb, yours might just be the deciding vote. You might want to start fishing for bribes...
Could be, but there are probably still a few people who have yet to vote. I might have to roll a dice on which one to pick this month there are some really very good ones that fit the topic.
possibly one of the more challenging themes to work with - not an easy one to capture at times and definatly not easy to vote on!
In the end I went with - Lady's salt and pepper shakers, but it was not an easy choice!

edit - wow looking at the results of the vote as they stand its really probing to be a hard one for people to choose on!
Well, I just voted. Hoopy got my vote this month, for her light. Honorable mentions to Seph's wine glass, Leisha's grapes, Larry's birds on a wire, PG's One Ring, Cul's barbed Wire, Foxbat's poppies and Sloweye's Abby.
I seem to say it every month, but this really has been the most difficult decision yet.

I voted for Sloweye's abbey in the end. It captured my imagination from the start, it's very simply shot, and very evocative: there's something fantastical about it.

I could have voted for Wy's bird, either of Cul's (I especially liked the barbed wire), Leisha's fruit or Lady W's shakers. I also liked Hoopy's pics, Quok's apple (that one made me laugh, too), as well as Foxbat's waves and PG's ring, and I loved Taly's subjects.

So yeah, very difficult.

Foxbat, I agree about industrial stuff. We have a wealth of decaying industrial architecture here. That stack is somewhat precarious, I think...at least, there are always men working on it, and it has supporting steel rings around it, further down. :)

And Fred Dibnah would certainly approve, Sloweye, yes. :D

And thanks to everyone who mentioned my glass. I liked how that one came out. The golden liquid is Bénédictine, if anyone's interested...
Very difficult this moth, as everyone has said. I liked Sloweye's abbey, Seph's glass, both of Hoopy's pics, and Cul's barbed wire, but eventually went for Lady's Salt & Pepper pots.:)
Well this month it was another tough choice for me. My two favorites were Bookstop's door, and Cul's flower. It took me awhile to decide, but I eventually went with Cul's flower shot. I also liked AE's birds on the wire and Wyb's flying bird.

Looks like this one is going to come down to the wire! :) There is still almost 15 hours of voting, so get voting if you haven't already! :)

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