October's Photo Challenge - Simplicity

Oh Leisha that apple looks so yummy. I hve my second picture picked out, so will upload it in the next day or so.
My first entry. Took a bunch and none worked out quite how I wanted, but this is the best of the them...


I'm heading up north to my sister's farm over the weekend, so I'm hoping to snap entry number two then...
I must not be understanding this idea of simplicity. :confused: That flower is more complex than the theory of relativity :eek:
You don't have to please me :rolleyes: but I see not a lone flower but a study in complexity: there are at least 4 colours in the flower and dozens and dozens of petals and florets. Like, see these: A Close-up View of the Gerbera Daisy They are all single flowers but I wouldn't call them simple.
Flower Structure

Still, it's your challenge so it can be whatever you want, I am just frustrated because I don't seem to understand what the criteria are. Does it just mean a one of something?
I took simple to mean, easy, uncomplicated, no need for technical expertise.

But if you think about it hard enough, nothing is simple really, not even if someone where to take a photo of a white blank peice of paper, because even the colour white is complex. But it really all depends on how deep you want to analise something...
I was kinda hoping there would be an element of education within the scope of the contest. Why else would people be interested in who voted for who and why? Or are you saying it's just a popularity contest? :p;)
I hope not!! I always vote for the photos that evoke a reaction in me, not what everyone else is voting for, only once has the person I voted for received more than a couple of votes.
I think we need to remember that its just a bit of fun really. PG is right about the flower from a technical standpoint. Daisies are composite flowers, made up of lots of seperate flowers each with its own petal and sepal(the old family name is Compositae) but from an aestheic point in the context of Simplicity it works for me. Think easy on the eye,not busy,not much going on,a Turner painting as opposed to a Hockney, and a limited palette-doesnt mean it has to be pale though, just a smnall number of colours and contrast ranges-like Hoopy's shot of the 4 round objects.
I just went and looked at all the entries again. It's really awesome this month, I'm going to have such a hard time choosing. :eek:
I must be able to manage something for simplicity; I'm about the simplest person on the forum. Not that I'm a photographer, evidently, unlike some here.

Oh, not "simple" in the French meaning of mentally deficient; I have faith in my intelligence, like, I suspect, most Chronoids. But simple as in straight forward, direct, non-complicated.

Do you think they'd like a compost heap? No, that wasn't simple at all.


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I think we need to remember that its just a bit of fun really.

Absolutely. And PG, you've got to remember that all art is subjective. It's not science, there are no absolutes. Vote for whoever you think intepreted the theme best to your mind, not to some absolute definition of simplicity that you seem to think is escaping you.

I'm starting to wish I'd just gone with black and white now...

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