October's Photo Challenge - Simplicity

Can't find my first entry...trying a new one...


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Nice Py, have always like the sunrises/sets :)

All righty here is my next one. Took it while I was away. It is sand, obviously, and it was taken as the sun setting behind where I was standing. Looked so much cooler, the camera didn't pick up all the colours but it still looks interesting I think.

*wonders if can finish off roll of film and get it processed in time to add something to the competition thread*

I started shooting some the other day -now that I've gotten my camera fixed - but I don't like wasting film.
Good one, Hoops! Very simple!

Well, I took my shots early this evening, and I've spent all night deciding which two to upload. So here they are:


Great minds think alike huh Leisha.... and it looks like so do ours :)

I took this a few weeks ago but haven't been about to post, I still haven't found a second one yet.


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