October's Photo Challenge - Simplicity


Lost Boy
Feb 4, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
Okay, so take two. This month's challenge is Simplicity. I'm sure you all remember the details!

The rules still stand:

*two entries per person
*no reposting of images already posted to the Chrons (though, now, that might be possible to get away with!)
*entries close on or around the 27th

So get posting! Or reposting, as the case may be!
Woa I'm glad the chrons back online,I was worried it was gonna be off for a while! I'll repost in a bit,but can I choose a different second image as I realised afterwards I had a much better one!
Ok I will repost my first one

Crabs at Scarborough

Okay heres my first one. Um its of a wall inside my house. Its stackstone.

Thanks Tanga. I do like your Gramps photo.

Oooh I don't think I have seen that one before Wy. It is cool.
So glad to be back.:D

O.k. this is number 1:
This was take at battle abby in the spring, i only recently found the S.D. card with those pics on:D

The other i will have to reload from the camera as i seem to have had some data loss.

(i like the effect the Frosted glass has give it Bookstop)
Those are both great pics, BookStop and sloweye.:) Something tells me this is going to be a difficult month to decide!
Wow! I really like that picture sloweye:)

Anyway, here are my entires again.



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