Comic to Movie - best/worst/general chat

Absolute worst (with what they had to work with): The Spirit. The insanely bad premise and script, and those serious actors chewing up the scenery, couldn't have been worse if they'd brought Buckwheat back from the dead to play Ebony.

Second: Flash Gordon. Again, an inane story and scenes that would have to be improved 500% to rate being called campy.

'Course, there was always Flesh Gordon...bad scifi/soft porn (is there any other kind), from the early 70's. Saw it on late night TV when I was 14:eek:. More of a spoof than anything else (especially given the shape of that space ship:eek:).
Haven't seen A History of Violence, but I'll get to that in a while.

I was about to nominate Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, starring David Hasslehoff as the worst, but I had no idea this was from a graphic novel.

When people ask me what the worst movie I've ever seen is, I usually tell them A History of Violence. I can see how it could work well as a graphic novel though.
'Eastern Promises' by the same makers is a good film, if you didn't like A History of Violence. It's about Russian Mafia families in North London.
There are so many films of Comics that we should instead be measuring the comic first, did Judge Dredd ever deserve to be made into a movie? Ghost Rider? there's too many crap comics being made into films.
oh, and I hear Tom Hardy is playing Bane, a pretty cheesy Batman Bad guy... hope it turns out ok though.
Personally, I think the new Thor movie looks pretty bad, but of course I haven't seen it. I hate to say it, but I will almost definitely end up paying money to go see it anyway just to see how it is. I'm looking forward to the live action Green Lantern, even though I think some of the special effects are a bit weird looking (especially Kilowog) and the Deadpool movie which still has a couple of years of production before release. I've got to agree with the nomination for Judge Dread nomination for worst adaptation. IMO Sylvester Stallone is a terrible actor who's really only interested in the fame and pay he receives from his movies. The only thing that could have made Judge Dread worse is if it became infected with the sequel disease that kills off most Stallone movies.
Ultimate Avengers (2006 - 2 DVDs)

Most of the live-action Marvel & DC movies are very good, but has anyone else seen the Ultimate Avengers animated movie? It was in two parts, on two separate DVDs, I thought the storyline was good enough to be made into a live-action movie. I highly recommend this animated 2-part superhero film!

Part one trailer

I didn't want to put the second DVD trailer here, because part two has some spoilers in it.​
this is a good point. I really enjoyed the animated feature of the new Batman, with a young guy as Batman while Bruce Wayne plays his mentor. In fact the whole Batman cartoon series was pretty cool. Anyone know where I can buy it? Thor looks hilarious, and pointless. Then again, I'll watch it when it comes on television. I don't like the Iron Man (just a tool to fill space for the Avengers, or Ultimates, or whatever it is) but I did like the film. The end was pretty cheesy, and they succeeded in making me wince at Jeff Bridges' character (a difficult feat) but overall the film was likable, pretty, easy to follow, successfully promoted US military action by making the evil Afghans VERY evil. Fantastic 4 on the other hand, always crap. Film was also crap.
The Flash TV series was often quite excellent.

Burton's Batman, excellent.

I'm sure there are others, but those two spring immediately to mind.
Thor is getting good reviews. Green Lantern is out soon, but I'm really into that. I guess it should be stressed that these movies are great advertising for the actual comic medium. I wouldn't have properly got into batman if it wasn't for Dark Knight- the same week I saw I bought 'The dark Knight Returns' and the rest is history. The DareDevil movie was pants but it's a good comic series (Frank Miller, Ed Brubaker.) I read Watchmen before watching it, (i liked the movie but still prefer the book.) I think I like the Spiderman film more than I do the comic book character. And I'm looking forward to the new Xmen film, though I knew Wolverine: Origin would be nonsense- which is was. Will I am ('William') from Black Eyed Peas? awful!
Just seen the trailers for Thor and Green Lantern. Both look like something from IMDB Bottom 250. I'll probably check out Thor though, to see how horrible it really is. But Green Lantern looks like insanely horrific. I'll pass.
I meant to say about Green Lantern, "I'm not* really in to that."
Apparently Thor is quite funny, and it does have Anthony Hopkins starring, that's often (though not always) a good sign. Kenneth Branagh usually knows his stuff too.

I'm not sure one thread is big enough for a full scale Comic to Movie debate. There's too many of them.
There are so many films of Comics that we should instead be measuring the comic first, did Judge Dredd ever deserve to be made into a movie? Ghost Rider? there's too many crap comics being made into films.

Well those of us that grew up reading Judge Dredd from prog 2 of 2000AD back in '77 had been waiting years to see Dredd on the big screen. It was just a shame that the final product just wasn't right.
I appreciate Judge Dredd as a lasting character. But reading the early 2000AD stuff on Dredd, I find it pretty tame. I like Nemesis the Warlock, so it's not just a criticism of 2000AD itself. I suppose it's worse if a movie of the comic is crap and perhaps it's this effect that re-classifies stuff like Judge Dredd as bad. What other comics were you into back in " '77" that have been successfully/unsuccessfully into films?
The Phantom (1996) has to be the worst comic to movie adaptation for me.
Best adaptation for me has to be Kurôzu zero (2007/2009) even though the movies are prequels to the manga series.
Best... Honestly, Ghost World is probably the top of the list. Its a better movie than TDK etc, and far more true to its source material. American Splendour comes a close second.
Blade and the first Ninja Turtles movies are great too, as is Road to Perdition.

Worst... A lot of films are terrible, but are based on pretty lame source material to begin with. Maybe League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?