Journey to the Center of the Earth - 3D (2008)


Prehistoric Irish Cynic
Sep 28, 2007
Went to see this this afternoon. WHAT--A--RIDE!!!! It's the first 3D movie I've seen in a theater since The Creature From the Black Lagoon when I was a lad (I'm not counting "Captain Eo" in Disneyland). And they played the gimmick up for all it was worth. You had everything from yo-yos to dinosaur slobber comming at you. Don't look for a "best screenplay" award, but it was certainly fun. Brendan Fraser had more panache in this film than I've seen from him since the first mummy movie. Josh Hutcherson, as Fraser's nephew, struck a nice balance between annoying teen to a "coming-of-age" youth. Anita Briem, as the guide and love interest, was credible, although she seemed to be a little wispy for an action/adventure role.

Nonetheless, it all came together well and the 3D effects were (literally) dizzying. I won't give any more detail to avoid spoilers. But you won't nod off during this one.


The Cat
Apr 5, 2006
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Re: Journey to the Center of the Earth - 3D

Saw this last night and it's absolutely fun. Like being on a roller coaster from start to finish. It did all manage to come together remarkably well. I absolutely loved the ride across the ocean with the huge sea monsters.