orandula -there might be spoilers!-


Jul 5, 2008
Hi there! First of all ..i'm new to this forum and i registered specifically to view your thoughts about the next question..
I just finished reading the last book of the soldiers son trilogy and i left the story a bit puzzled about what eventually satisfied orandula. I thought i knew what is was about, but the fact that orandula last appeared after the encounter with tiber left me wondering if he had something to do with it from the moment nevare found him beaten on the academy grounds. Does anybody share my confusion? and do any of you have clear grasp of what it was in the end that balanced everything out for the old god??

By the way, i am as i said new to this forum, in fact this is the very first forum i ever registered to. So if i broke any rules or did something terribly newbie-like, please feel free to tell me so and point me out my errors for future threads' sake, thank you for your time, i hope you ppl find it a valid and interesting question

Kind regards