The Etched City: "Dark Tower meets China Mieville"


Oh dear Jabber...
Mar 14, 2008
Has anyone read The Etched City by Australian author KJ Bishop? I just bought it online after hearing it's a dark fantasy/new weird novel that reads like a cross between Stephen King's Dark Tower series and China Mieville's Bas Lag books - which of course sounds like the greatest thing ever.

Is it as good as it sounds? I'm dying for it to arrive, anyhow. It hopefully will serve as a Bas Lag surrogate because we're not likely to get a new Bas Lag novel for a while.

Here's a review: Illusory Reality: The Etched City by K. J. Bishop
It's one of the best debuts by an author in the field that I've come across and I'm a big fan of New Weird/Cyberpunk novels.

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