Least favourite character..


Flamer of Udun
Jun 1, 2008
I'm curious as to who is your least favourite character by Eddings? And let's try to keep the bad guys out of this :p

For me personally I'd have to say Stragen (in the Elenium/Tamuli). I'm not exactly sure why. He just never seems to fit, for some reason.

- Dreir -
We've had a very similar thread to this before (http://www.sffchronicles.co.uk/forum/35799-most-disliked-character.html) but I don't mind answering again. It's been quite a while since anyone posted there, anyway.

To be honest, I've never been fond of Ce'Nedra. I remember her mostly for her spoiled attitude, and though she does go through a couple of changes, we're always being reminded of her Imperial ways. I know the character was meant to be like that, but I just found I didn't like her much.

Another one would be Relg. The "Don't touch me!" thing got on my nerves at times.
Ahh.. before I created this thread I did a search on the forum for 'least', which didn't turn up any results, so I thought it's never been talked about :p
Lol - not to worry. The Eddings' forum isn't nearly as active as it used to be, and that thread had slipped down to about page 3 or 4, after all.:)

I can sort of see what you mean about Stragen. When he was first introduced, he was very touchy about his origins (to the point that even Sparhawk and companions noticed it), although his pretensions at nobility were interesting and amusing. Out of Eddings' thieves, though, I definitely preferred Silk, Talen and Melidere, though. (I know she's not technically a thief, but she fits into that category for me. Maybe it was the business with the coins.)
As awful as this sounds, for quite a while I really could not stand Polgara!

She grew on me though. :)

The character who I never really liked was Relg (As with Talysia, his attitude just sucked and wound me up) but also Sephrenia. She bugged me a lot.

I just never warmed to them, and although their characters did grow and change, it felt very false and ham fisted, and all a bit Disney icky.

Out of the two, I believed Relg as a character far more, so Sephrenia gets my vote as least fave.
Lol, thanks :)

Yeah, Silk and Talen rock, although I've never thought of Melidere as a thief until you mentioned it. And yeah, I get what you were saying about Ce'Nedra as well. I remember picking up book.. 4 (?) and going off screaming 'What? You're going to write this one from the point of view of that spoiled brat??' (I was pretty much very enamoured of Garion by that point). Luckily it didn't turn out like that. I have a feeling that if the whole book was indeed told from Ce'Nedra's pov, I might never have finished it! My feelings for the princess have mellowed a lot since then, so she's dropped 2-3 rungs in my least favourite characters list!

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Sephrenia, daisybee? Hmm I wonder why that is?

As to Relg, I sort of pity him more than dislike him. I've always thought that he was not 100% at fault for being the way he is, that certain things in his upbringing may have contributed to it a lot. But then I've always had a soft spot for such characters. And I agree that the change felt a little disney-ish, although on the other hand you can never underestimate the power of true love! :D

- Dreir -
I don't know why Alean and Ehlana bug me. If I'd been in the Tamuli I would have said good riddance and told Zalasta to enjoy getting nagged to death.