WoT vs ASoIaF


Formerly chongjasmine
Aug 2, 2009
I prefer the wheel of time to song of ice and fire, having read both series.
That is just my preference, though.
I know many think differently.


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Jan 3, 2014
Athens, Greece
I've read both and hands down it is WOT for me. ASoIaF was good for the first 2 books or even some of the 3rd too but after some time it got way too boring seeing every single interesting character been killed and having no new good one to take his/her place! It was supposed to be 3 books and had he finished it at the 3rd with all that killing it would be an exceptional series. But as with most writers he wanted to capitalize on his success so he kept to this series long after it should have been finished.
Up to book 2 it was really fast paced and I was thinking 3rd book would be the killer. Couldn't wait for it to be published to read it. I ordered it from Amazon 2-3 months before it was published too, to get it and read it. But I was dissapointed cause suddenly the series stalled!
Reminds me of the way the Demon Cycle from Peter V. Brett series has gone. Painted man was exceptional and Desert Spear was the same. And then it stalled! The last 2 books should have been half a book at most!!!
I hope they both will get back on track like WOT got on track in the last books.