A Darkness at Sethanon *SPOILER WARNING*


Feb 15, 2008
Finished aDaS about a week ago and though it was great. I loved the search for macros, but I wished it had more of the dwarves. Overall the Riftwar series was one of the best reads I have ever had (even though silverthorn was not as good as the other two). I must say the seige of Armengar ended up boring me a bit though. I also liked it how the enemy turned out to be the valheru, was there any clues to this in Magician or silverthorn?
Yes there are a number of clues, not so much in Magician but definitely in Silverthorn. The siege , well the end of the siege is one of my favourites from any book. I have an image in my mind of Murmardurus riding his demon steed through the flames of the burning city, Pug, Tomas and Marcos arriving on the back of the dragon in the midst of battle in Sethanon is another.
I really enjoyed the battle at Armengar and the final battle.

I only finished it the other day too and found it to be brilliant.

What were the hints from silverthorn - been months since reading it.

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