Yay! William Gibson book reading/signing!


Sep 4, 2007
Eat! Drink! Be merry!
Next week, Mr. Gibson will be reading/signing here in NYC and I will be in attendance:) This is excellent because, well, for starters, his work is awesome, but also because he happens to be my big brother's favourite author. I went ahead and bought a hardcover copy of the 20th anniversary edition of Neuromancer and will have it autographed for my bro:cool: I never know what to get him for his birthday, LOL! This is perfect!
Soooooo...yeah...that's it...just wanted to share. Thanks for letting me do so...
*exudes jealousy at Aniri*

Is the reading/signing just for the 20th anniversary, or has he a new book out as well? Seems like no time at all since Spook Country was released.

*slaps himself as he realises it's already been 24 years since Neuromancer came out.*

I is an idiot. That is all.
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