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Jun 6, 2001
It seems all of the threads here center around Dresden (which does seem to be the more popular of Jim's current works), but he does have this other series. It's a high-fantasy series (sort of in the vein of the Tolkein types) and it's called The Codex Alera - generally shortened to just 'Alera'.

It starts with The Furies of Calderon and progresses through the next several books (I think there are five, currently), with the sixth being the last in the series. (I'll double check the number of books, but I think 6 is the last one.)

I've just gotten started working on this series - I'm usually focused on Dresden - and getting into the first book takes a little while. It's a little slow and spends some time setting up locales and such, but it's starting to move along here in chapter 3. ;)

I think you also just have to be 'ready' to read the series or it won't be interesting. (Esp'ly if you're not typically a fan of the high-fantasy genre.)

Anyone else working their way through Alera?
I've had 'Furies' since it's release... actually, I joined Jim's mailing list right about the time he put the first chapter or so up for 'preview' before he sold the book, I think... (don't quote me on that part) - but I couldn't get into it then... and I tried. I really did.

It's only just recent 'clicked' for me to get into it. Not that I didn't *get* it, I did, it just didn't interest me until recently. Which is cool - b/c now I have something to read between Dresden releases. ;)
I had the same experience. It didn't click for me either at first. I was in the Dresden mindset. Now however I am awaiting those releases with the same anxiousness as the new Dresden books.
I figure, by the time I get through the first Furies book, the series will be done and I can read 'em all as a one-shot.

And, IIRC, Jim's working on another book series. The man just has so many ideas!
Wow. Another series would be great (assuming the Dresden books kept coming out on schedule). I am glad he is relatively young. With all the tragedy that has been affecting my favorite authors lately (Jordan, Pratchett, Asprin) it's nice to read someone so inventive that (hopefully) has many years left!
I think Jim's a perpetual writer! ;)

Dresden has about 10 - 12 more books to come. So we should have those for a little while yet.

Then, I think he's got another series in the hopper. At least one. I'm sure he's got several ideas hiding out in his wicked little brain. ;)
The Codex Alera is one of my favorite series at this moment in time. I am currently waiting for the next book to come out. It should b out sometime soon if it is not already but since i am in to the book 2 of The Enduring Flame right now i guess it can wait a bit longer. I can say that i do enjoy Tavi and Katai litle escapades and the taunting.
The fifth and final book of the Codex Alera is out in bookstores.

(I believe Jim said that book 5 is the last one... if I'm wrong, I'll come back with a correction!)


ETA: book 6 is the last book... which I mention a couple comments after this... just updating.
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What's the verdict on this series? I'm hooked on Dresden now (just started Blood Rites) but very intrigued by Codex Alera. Is it worth diving into? How close is it to done?
It's a good series and, IIRC, there is one more book to be published this year and it's finished. I think it's a 6 book series.

It's a little slow out of the gate in the first book, but once you get past the first several chapters, it picks up speed.
I have not read Princep's Fury, as I am only buying the paperbacks in that series. I have read the ending as I am not afraid of spoilers. I do not see how that ending could be the end of the series. It is just the latest book in the series. Yes, JB could easily wrap it up in the next book if he so chooses.

What has interested me is the development and growth of Octavius. His slow develoment in the ability to control the furies has led him to be extremely powerful in the natural and cunning use of his physical skills.

I see the power of his grandfather as just short of being completely frightening. I always think of "Who will guard the guardians?" when I read about these very powerful people.

I like JB's writng and I plan on pretty much buying anything he writes. However, to date, I have missed the later short stories and I do need to catch up.
Saw this thread and thougth I would take a peak. It is good to hear that several of you tried it once and weren't able to get into it but had it click for you later. I am in the same boat. I actually read the first one when it came out but just couldn't get into it and I love fantasy. I may try rereading the first one and see if I get motivated to go on to the second one.
Oh, I am into it. I just am not willing to spend the bucks for a hardback. I can be patient. I like the series and I find the psychic control of the furies to be a very interesting magic system, if one desires to call it that.

It does seem to me that the humans on this planet are comparative interlopers and have interjected themselves into the world. I am not clear about some of the humans we see. It seems to me that Tavi's love is human, but is a result of isolated breeding from the original stock that landed on the world.

I like the series because the heir to the throne is such a likeable character. He is not his grandfather, thank goodness. Sextus is a pretty serious piece of work.

I am not sure when I twigged to the reality that his Aunt was actually his mother and that he was the grandson of the Emporer. I think it was somewhere in book 2.

Fidelias scares the crap out of me. He is a very interesting character and as deadly as a viper in your boot. :eek:
Hi, first time visiting Jim Butcher's forums. I just finished the Codex Alera books but haven't read any of his Dresden files. It seems I'm in the opposite boat as the rest of you! I loved this series, I thought his take on magic was very original and loved the description of the fight scenes involving them. His characters do a very good job of using the environment and knowledge to overcome their foes, Tavi especially. And the plot, it has so much depth to it, each book adding more and more!

Was it just me? Or did anyone else want to strangle Bernard and Amara? I cringed everytime their chapters came up. They were good the first couple books but after that they just became boring, static and predictable. They did the same thing each book and you knew they were going to make it out of whatever they do alive. They should have stayed in Calerdon Valley.

Regardless, I loved the series, and I did think the first book was the weakest of them all, while still good, it had to introduce the world and the characters. I loved the climax scene between Aldrick and Fade though, that blew me away! It goes uphill from there, so keep going Saeltari!

Also I think i missed it, but what link did Valiar Marcus have with Septimus and Lord Antillus? There was mention of a duel in the Princeps Fury involving Marcus. What significance did that have?

Oh and I love Fidelias too, I was glad that he came back to the series! (even though he was kinda there the whole time)

thanks for the input on the series. I may try it again when I have more time, although I do have a short wait until April...

It's interesting that most everyone says the books in the series get better, that is promising. :)
I love the Codex Alera. I do have to say I read the Dresden Files first and while waiting for the next to come out I decided to read the others. I think Jim Butcher has an amazing imagination. I can't wait for the next books to both series. I didn't have any problems going from Dresden to Alera. I loved the completely other worldness of Alera and the discovery of the different species magics.
thanks THe 44 you have just confirmed my suspicions that his aunt is his mum and the emperor his father lol .. it doesn;t sem rocket science to work out tavis is gonna save alera lol.. with a bit of help

Just read the first one and it really did engage me, was an interesting read - love Tavi and ordered the 2nd one so should arrive soon :)

like that they are thicker than the Dresden books and like the world they are set in, but Harry is a more solid character inmy eyes and alera justto pass thtime between Harry books

and Hi everyone
Actually, Octavian is the Emporer's grandson. Septimus was his father.

Yes, I have found this series to be interesting in how JB has demonstrated his ability to create a very fascinating world and an interesting magic system.

I have not read Princep's Fury as it is not available in paperback, as yet. I am very much looking forward to the last book of the series.

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