Child of an Ancient City


Waiting at the Crossroads
Feb 11, 2005
Under a pile of paper
Has anyone in here read 'Child of an Ancient City' the novella that Williams wrote with Nina Kiriki Hoffman?

If so, what did you think. My girlfriend brought the book home and I was very pleasantly surprised by it.
Haven't read it, but I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Nina Hoffman did most of the writing on that one, and Tad provided the background.
It is quite an enchanting story, as it's only a small book I was expecting something unusual and I was pleased to findmyself quickly wrapped in the plot and the characters.
I'd definately recommend it.
Having read everything by Tad, I'd say this book was OK but nothing remarkable except for the actual storyline itself is quite good. The prose isn't up to his usual standard but then as someone already pointed out I don't think he did much of the writing on this project.

3/5 stars for me.