David Gemmell Quizzes

Quite a bit of fun. Im not so up on the Rigante as I am with the Drenai but still did pretty well.
This is quite fun actually, I'm not as rusty in Gemmell books as I tought. Thou I own all of his works:)
I got all the Rigante ines right, as they're my favourites. I got 9/10 in the Gemmell rules one. The one I got wrong was the winter warriors one, as I haven't read it.
Hehe i got Rigante series one and the stormrider one 10/10 as i should i just finished the series like a week ago.
Just found this thread and had a go, managed a 9/10 on two and 8/10 on the rest. Didn't try Ironhands daughter though, read it years ago and can't remember any of it.
Man, I need to read the Waylander series again.......I got 3 out of 10. That probably comes with my bad memory stemming from earlier years.

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