Harry Potter alternatives


May 12, 2008
POst your best Harry Potter alternatives here:
1. The Elements of Lore - Dr Harry S. Hope
2. The Spook's Apprentice - Jospeh Delaney.

Can't think of anyothers at the minute but give me some tips back and if you have read the above ones then feel free to give a potter-esque verdict.
There is also the Secret of platform 13 - although I would recommend for younger young adult fiction readers, or to be read in the garden on a sunny afternoon - with a nice cup of tea
The Books of Elita by Kate Jacoby

There are five and they're relatively hard to find. It's like a more adult version of Harry Potter in the sense that the main characters are much older. I would say their relationships are maybe more complex or at least written with greater complexity as the book was not aimed for children. I'm not trying to say anything bad about Harry Potter though because it's such an amazing series. But this was like my second Harry Potter when I found it and I would hazard to say I love them both the same. (This is extremely high praise coming from me as I'm an insane Harry fan)
The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss comes to mind. Very similiar in many ways and yet different. I do not know of any other book that remotely resembles the characters and storytelling of Rowling.

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