The Riftwar Saga, Disappointing?


Lost Boy
Feb 4, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
It seems like Feist was a formative fantasy reading experience for many of us - I came to fantasy via Bernard Cornwell's Arthur books, then Tolkien, then Feist. I think I've said it before in another thread, but Feist is truly a different type of fantasy to the kind we see today. which is not a bad thing at all. I only recently re-read the first three books (four in some parts of the world) and I had expected them to have dated badly, but I actually still found them enjoyable, and it was a pleasure reading something that wasn't nearly as grim and self-serious as some (most?) of the fantasy we see today. I'm sure the familiarity helped, too.

But I can totally see your problem, HB. I wonder if I came to them fresh today if I'd give them as much time as you did. I'm much pickier now then I ever was as a teenager.

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