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Apr 7, 2008
i remember reading a poem about a hotdog, except it wasn't about a frankfurter...

that is why I must be cautious on determining the theme.


Pot Boiler/Hack Writer
Apr 7, 2008
I must leave this era and come back the next

as I shall ritually lay down

and place the shawl of death on me

for my spirit shall journey to the next universe

where limitless worlds are built and destroyed within a second

I shall wander aimlessly in the Utopia of bliss and thought

but do not fret, for I shall return back to my still body

to a brand new age of activity and fun.

Farewell, my friends

and see you in the future.

Basically, good night everyone in poetry terms. Man, I should get this one published.
Nov 12, 2007
You seek to reach that star in the night sky
A star beyond your hands, beyond your eyes
No matter how hard you look, it evades sight
Hiding in the radiance of brighter stars
The others care not for your woes, your pain

How then shall you reach this hiding star?
What you seek most is what will evade you
Are you truly seeking anything at all?
It must exist or others would leave you be
Why would they stop you from seeking nothing?

How then shall you reach this hiding star?
Fly to your hopes on wings made from the night sky
Can you trust those who have given you flight?
A flight born of the mind, fueled by the soul
Can you fly on wings made of broken promises?

Can you fly on wings made of dying dreams?
The star wishes to be found, to be embraced
Do not become lost amongst the cold winds of doubt
The star will not acknowledge the faint of heart
To fail or falter is to never return from the void...
Nov 12, 2007
Meant to reply earlier, but got sidetracked writing my own piece.


I like at least half your pieces, the Ancient Tactic and the Diversity Reply definitely had some power in them.


For as repetitive as it is, the poem you wrote was definitely well-executed.


I really like this one, it has very powerful imagery and a message to boot. Funny, if you found something to replace "Capitol Hill", this poem could be adapted to many travesties throughout human history.


Yikes! Scary stuff there; is there real-life inspiration that brings life to these passages, or are you just that good at capturing a dark hopelessness?
Nov 12, 2007
A body, draped thinly over the landscape like a sleeping beast
Though it is lifeless and has no soul, it cannot be called dead
It has veins and arteries and yet no blood pumps through its body
Though it has no arms and cannot feel, it touches everything
It has no organs and yet possesses many hearts and brains
Though it has no legs and cannot move, it is everywhere at once

It cannot think and yet it knows all
It has no eyes and yet it sees all
It has no ears and yet it hears all

It is everything and yet it is nothing

-- a response to the internet bit Heretic wrote.
May 9, 2006
A response to the comments on my little bit of impromptu there:

Thanks for the kind words. It really was an impromptu, and would need some serious work before I'd consider it anything more than that, but it does sum up a bit of my philosophy toward life. One thing, though, Heretic -- while your reading is certainly a valid one, I had in mind a broader application (in a sense): that this sort of self-doubt and taking stock of our lives is something we all do from time to time, and often becomes more frequent as we enter the latter half of our lives; but, for all the painful memories and the disappointments and realizations of the bad choices we've made, there is a balance (with most of us) of the good, and sometimes we even reach a point where we realize that what we took to be the "sere of the leaf" is only a beginning, just as our real leaving of this life leaves an opening for a new life, yet unborn, to unfold as well....

A bit trite really, I suppose, but a genuine picture of a mood... even if an unpolished one.
Dec 2, 2007
My own twisted Wonderland
A Coward's Insomnia-DARK!

(may not be entire thing-written a while ago, so may be missing a verse or two. I'll say so in the end if it is.)

Death holds you in a bind
Always looming on your mind
Daybreak's waiting just ahead
And yet you lie awake in bed

Walk the road of hellish dreams
No one there to hear your screams
Sleep you always have to fight
So it won't take hold at night

And once more you lay in bed
What comes next you really dread
But in the morning all is well
You lived through another night of Hell

And every night it is the same
Thoughts always leaving how they came
You say a prayer to the night sky
On your knees so you won't die

But will this cycle ever end?
Will sleep ever be your friend?
Or will you always lie awake?
So your soul the Lord won't take?

Well, what do you know? Remembered it all! :D

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